Bat Studio creates reconfigurable steel framework for Frenchologie boutique

Steel beams create a gridded framework supporting shelves, rails and display cabinets inside this fashion and accessories boutique in London by Bat Studio.

Frenchologie shop by Bat Studio

London-based Bat Studio designed the interior as the first permanent shop for Frenchologie – a retailer dedicated to French design.

Frenchologie shop by Bat Studio

Using a system of steel channels from manufacturer Unistrut, designers David Di Duca and Jonty Craig developed an interior dominated by elements that are usually concealed behind walls and ceilings.

"With a tight budget requiring an innovative approach, Bat Studio's concept was to design and build the shop like a giant Meccano set by utilising Unistrut," they explained.

Frenchologie shop by Bat Studio

The metal beams were bolted together, creating a framework that fills the entire space. Some provide rails from which clothing can be hung, while others support jewellery display cases in the centre of the store.

Frenchologie shop by Bat Studio

Translucent polycarbonate panels also sit between some of the frames to form shelves, fitting rooms and a till counter.

Frenchologie shop by Bat Studio

The structure was assembled over four days by two people, to a grid defined by 60 centimetre widths.

"After calculating a number of different configurations for the shop layout, this was deemed the maximum spacing to allow the suspended structure to be easily reconfigured and always have a fixing point in an appropriate location," Craig told Dezeen.

Frenchologie shop by Bat Studio

The design will also allow the shop owners to reconfigure the layout in the future to accommodate different collections or additional storage.

Photography is by Andy Matthews.

Here is some more information from the designer:

Bat Studio creates reconfigurable shop like a giant Meccano set

Through considered design and innovative application, BAT Studio has elevated often hidden building materials to prominence whilst forming a striking and original retail environment in the heart of London’s Covent Garden.

Following the recent success their BAT Studio designed pop up shop nearby, Frenchologie commissioned BAT Studio to design a new store for their fast developing retail brand. The brief was to produce a flexible retail space, with the ability to be altered as their ever changing range of designer goods evolves.

Frenchologie shop by Bat Studio

With a tight budget requiring an innovative approach, BAT Studio’s concept was to design and build the shop like a 'giant Meccano set' by utilising Unistrut - a set of utilitarian building components that are usually used for services and concealed within ceiling voids.

To form the shop, metal channels have been bolted together with carefully considered details. A primary structure forms a ceiling grid across the entire shop from which other components such as clothes rails, shelves and jewellery display cases are suspended. Even the changing room is formed from the flexible multi-purpose system.

Frenchologie shop by Bat Studio

Clamped between the Unistrut channels are polycarbonate sheets, to form surfaces for the shelves, changing room and till counter. Utilising the palette of these two materials has created a unique interior, that shows off and frames the products to great effect.

Over time the shop can be reconfigured to create more shelving, rails or display cases as Frenchologie require. We look forward to seeing how the shop evolves.