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Inception dish rack by Luca Nichetto for Seletti

Inception dish rack shaped like Manhattan by Luca Nichetto launches in New York

New York 2014: Italian designer Luca Nichetto has designed a silicone dish rack and desk organiser shaped like a 3D model of Midtown Manhattan for design brand Seletti.


"During a visit to Stefano Seletti's office, a curious object on his desk caught my attention," said Nichetto. "It was a scale model of Manhattan, a gift from a friend. The object had no particular function, but it immediately gave me the idea to create something that played with the surreal proportions of the miniature metropolis."


Nichetto took the form and created a silicone object that uses the height of the skyscrapers to support tableware as a dish rack and stationery as a desk organiser. Plates can rest along the streets and glasses hook over buildings like the Rockefeller Center.


The name Inception refers to a scene in the 2010 Christopher Nolan film about infiltrating and manipulating dreams, which shows Paris folding onto itself as if made of rubber. Pink, blue and grey versions are available.


Seletti will be showing Inception at the Wanted Design exhibition until 20 May.


Other recent launches of work by Luca Nichetto include his Episode II range for De La Espada, also showing during New York design week,  and a range of ceramic tableware created in collaboration with Lera Moiseeva and debuted at at Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan last month.