Il Hoon Roh creates curved armchair by weaving together carbon string

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Il Hoon Roh weaves carbon fibre string into curved armchair

South Korean designer Il Hoon Roh has created a chair by intertwining carbon fibre strings into a pattern designed to resemble the branches of trees (+ slideshow).

Luno Armchair by Il Hoon Roh

Studio Il Hoon Roh designed the Luno chair as part of the Rami collection; a series of carbon fibre furniture that takes its name from the latin word for "tree branches".

Luno Armchair by Il Hoon Roh

The collection is derived from the designer's research into the skeleton structure of birds and other animals, and each piece is designed to be both light and robust.

Luno, taking its name from the Latin word for "curve", was created by suspending lengths of carbon fibre string from a metal platform and then intertwining and stretching them to create a criss-crossing design.

Luno Armchair by Il Hoon Roh

The 1.5-kilometre-long strings are temporarily held in place using specially manufactured jigs, which allow them to be moulded into shape before they harden.

"Through experiments conducted by suspending a string at many different positions, we allowed gravity to shape the final form, resulting in a curvature which is smooth and natural," Il Hoon Roh told Dezeen.

Luno Armchair by Il Hoon Roh

The studio hand wove the fibres into a 3D pattern that they claim is structurally stronger than steel, yet weighs less than one kilogram and could be lifted with a single finger.

"Each carbon fibre string was allowed to find its most optimal position, resulting in a strong and efficient final product," the designers said.

Luno Armchair by Il Hoon Roh

A hexagonal pattern inspired by naturally occurring structures found in beehives spreads across the surface of the chair, creating a smooth curve in the seat.

At the base of the armchair, an aluminium plate with a stainless steel edge supports the carbon structure and offers extra stability.

Luno Armchair by Il Hoon Roh

The technique of twisting together carbon fibres allows the studio to create a range customisable furniture in a variety of different shapes. Other pieces in the Rami furniture series include a hand woven carbon fibre bench, stool and table.