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Cut&Paste and HP launch contest for pre-crowdfunded product campaigns

Dezeen promotion: Creative program producers Cut&Paste have teamed up with Intel and HP to run a new product design contest called LaunchBox, with over £14,000 in prizes to be won for potential crowdfunding projects.

LaunchBox is a new online competition that will showcase new product designs from across Europe, before rewarding the best with financial contributions towards their crowdfunding campaigns.

In order to be eligible,  projects must not have received any sales revenues or any crowdsourced funds prior to entry.

The Molten Table by Stephen Clark
The Molten Table by Stephen Clark —Above: Ex.Mark Modular System by Column LI-VING design studio

From brand new concepts and ideas to developed prototypes, eligible projects will compete for £14,230 (€17,500) in prizes and can gain publicity for their campaign launch.

Studios and designers throughout the European Union are invited to submit product projects through the LaunchBox online submission form, until the 6 June deadline.

Photos of some of the entries that have already been submitted appear in this post.

Swan by LI-VING design studio
Swan by LI-VING design studio

On 9 June Cut&Paste will publish a LaunchBox Gallery that will highlight a number of projects that are suitable for crowdfunding, with the hope of attracting the attention of new backers for all projects.

The gallery will be reviewed by a panel of prominent industry jurors, including 3Doodler’s Maxwell Bogue, and Evan Clabots, senior vice president of design at Fab.com.

Logshelf  by LI-VING design studio
Logshelf by LI-VING design studio

The grand prize is £8,132 (€10,000) and there are 2 finalist prizes of £2,033 (€2,500) — all of which are determined by the jury. A separate £2,033 (€2,500) People's Choice Prize will be decided by an online public vote.

All cash awards will be given directly to the winning project's crowdfunding campaign, on a platform of the prizewinner's choice.

FUZO by Bertrand Besnard
FUZO by Bertrand Besnard

In April this year Cut&Paste collaborated with HP to run a product design hackathon called Small Spaces, which saw a handful of French industrial design studios create original product concepts for tight urban living and work environments.

Over 24 hours, the studios designed and presented their new products at Zed, HP’s creative popup space.

Here is more information about LaunchBox from the competition organiser:

LaunchBox’s submission process asks for information that would prepare designed products for a future crowdfunding campaign. To submit, entrants must provide:

• Project name

• Project images of process sketching, 3d renderings, prototype photography, diagrams, final renderings, or final product photography.

• 140-character elevator pitch for the project

• Project description of the product that tells a story

• Project category: provided categories are Consumer Electronics, Medical Devices, Sports/Adventure, Housewares, Office, Furnishing, Accessories, Vehicle/Transportation, Games, Utility, and Internet of Things.

Paper Food by Kelsey Layne
Paper Food by Kelsey Layne

One of the themes here is product design process storytelling. It’s suggested that entrants provide a short video mirroring their description, features the product prototype, and gives an idea of who the designer is as an entrepreneur. The submission process also provides space where entrants may share risks and challenges, describe rewards for supporters, and set a funding goal.

These aspects are not be required in the submission form, but are highly encouraged to give projects higher interest resulting in more feedback, votes, and followers.

To provide some inspiration, here is a sneak peek of sample products submitted so far:

• A solution for the classy picnic drinker: A wooden stem stakes into the grass and cradles a glass for your convenience

• An intermediary architectural concept with the aid of holographic projection

• A new way of living green with the freedom that comes with free energy: an energy producing boat

Cut&Paste is where creatives come to play. Through events and online programs, Cut&Paste works to increase relationships between emerging designers, creative companies and media.

For 30 years HP has helped professionals simplify their technology experience. HP Workstations are designed to meet the demands of professionals who work with large and complex datasets, and intricate 3D models, setting the standard for innovation, performance, and reliability.

FUZO by Bertrand Besnard
FUZO by Bertrand Besnard

Want to know more? You can find the contest guide, faqs, and calendar on the How It Works page. Feel a little lost? LaunchBox is also providing tips for submission, bits of crowdfunding advice, and news on its blog. To win £8,132 (€10,000) for your crowdfunding campaign, submit to the #LaunchBox New Product Contest now!


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