BCXSY's Mixed Animals magnetic soft toys launch on Kickstarter

Amsterdam studio BCXSY has launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce its plush toys with body parts that can be interchanged using magnets (+ slideshow).

Mixed Animals by BCXSY

BCXSY has partnered with Hong Kong-based Huzi Design to produce Mixed Animals, the plush toys with magnetic body parts that were first presented during Milan design week in 2007.

Mixed Animals by BCXSY

"More than seven years have passed since we have introduced the Mixed Animals as a part of Play! our debut presentation during the Salone del Mobile," said designers Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto of BCXSY.

"We are now happy to announce the revival of the Mixed Animals through the collection of Hong Kong based brand, Huzi. These beautifully crafted plush animals feature magnetic interchangeable accessories and invite people of all ages to challenge their imagination."

Referencing the nostalgia of childhood toys, two basic animal bodies in off-white and black can be turned into creatures both real and imagined using sets of accessories from noses, paws and tails to shells, horns and wings.

"Why does an elephant have such a long nose? We naturally associate specific proportions and parts to certain animals," said the designers. "The Mixed Animals feature a system of magnets and separate body and accessories pieces allowing one to challenge these associations."

Mixed Animals by BCXSY

Each element is handmade from filled plush with carefully placed magnets hidden inside to connect them together.

"From design sketches, foam models, pattern cutting to prototyping, we were developing different shapes, sizes and thicknesses, experimenting with material and colour, as well as magnet positions and magnet strengths, to see what would look and match best," said the designers. "So now we are the proud creator of many original patterns that become unique, charming, three dimensional forms."

Mixed Animals by BCXSY

The designers envision the objects being used as toys for adults or children, but also as interior accessories and conversation starters.

Mixed Animals by BCXSY

"The Mixed Animals were envisioned out of a desire to bring a sense of nostalgia and playfulness into the grown-up environment," said the designers. "What better way to do this than by re-designing everyone's favourite childhood toy, and to include endless possibilities of creative play into a beautifully crafted plush."

The Mixed Animals Kickstarter campaign runs until 1 June.