"Am I the only one who agrees with Zaha?"

Comments updateZaha Hadid's decision to sue the author and publisher of a book review that included allegedly defamatory comments generated some of the week's most heated debate.

Hadid filed a complaint with a court in New York, asking for damages from the New York Review of Books and critic Martin Filler over statements about Hadid's attitude towards workers on projects in the Middle East.

"She really thinks she can control everything," said Adobogiona, "what a waste of court time," added Overhere2000. "She should be more worried about her designs," wrote WaxWing.

But not everyone thought Hadid was wrong to pursue her case. "Am I the only one who agrees with Zaha?" asked Someguy. "I can't fault her for standing her ground."

"Why does everyone give Zaha so much s**t and not all the other British architects?" added Daniel BrownRead the comments on this story »


Is breast best? The launch of a champagne glass moulded on the left breast of British supermodel Kate Moss raised a few eyebrows, and a number of readers were inspired to come up with their own body-part suggestions.

"Whose left testicle did they mould for the shot glasses?" wrote Spraycan. "That's actually a great idea," retorted Eidamm. "A whole 'body' series could be done. Clenched fist at the end of an arm for a beer glass. A nose for a tea cup. Etc." "And there's also a Champagne flute," added FritzRead the comments on this story »


Heritage row: a legal tussle between developers and heritage campaigners in Istanbul resulted in a court order for the demolition of three new skyscrapers accused of ruining the city's historic skyline.

"Massive legislative FAIL," wrote James. "What a total waste of resources and energy." Nathan Morton agreed, adding: "the optimism new buildings can add for a city's future trumps any 'sacredness' an old building carries."

But others applauded the move, and some thought that similar rulings should be applied elsewhere. "London should do the same to the Walkie Talkie skyscraper," wrote AnneRead the comments on this story »


Analogue vs Digital: a design for an aluminium carrying tube for large architectural drawings came under fire prompted a discussion about the changing nature of design education and practice.

"As part of the younger generation, I have yet to carry drawings around in my career," wrote Dadv.

"Paper tubes are a thing of the past and have become a vanity item to make you look more like an architect," wrote  Sgto. Coimito. "Do they make one of these for PDFs?" chimed in Matt ClarkeRead the comments on this story »


The wrong foot: finally, a concept for a trainer that crosses Nike's footwear with the moulded plywood shell of the Eames Lounge 670 armchair, provoked a strong response. One commenter accused the shoe's designer Ora-Ïto of "trivialising a great design."

"I wonder if a company like Nike will appreciate being 'provoked into producing the shoes'," added Romain_M. "All those compound curves can only result in a very rigid shoe." Read the comments on this story »