Vienna Design Week returns for 2015

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Vienna Design Week to showcase specially commissioned projects

Dezeen promotion: Vienna Design Week takes place from 25 September to 4 October 2015, and will feature works commissioned especially for the show.

Chair by chmara.rosinke
Chair by chmara.rosinke

Started in 2007 and billed as Austria's biggest design festival, Vienna Design Week aims to bridge the gap between specialist design and the general public.

Lamp by Christophe Machet at Vienna (hi)story
Lamp by Christophe Machet at Vienna (hi)story

Both international and Austrian projects spanning a range of disciplines will be showcased, including graphics, products, furniture and industrial design.

Toiture by Christophe Machet at Vienna (hi)story
Toiture by Christophe Machet at Vienna (hi)story

Exhibitions, workshops, talks and guided tours are amongst the 150 events taking place across the 10-day period. Most of the activity will take place at the Brotfabrik Wien – a 19th-century building that was once Europe's largest bread factory.

Marbleabilia by Lucia Massari
Marbleabilia by Lucia Massari

Students of the New Design School have created a range of adaptable furniture from reinterpreted retro objects for the festival.

Beer Bar for R.M.Müller by Labvert

Italian designer Lucia Massari will be showcasing her project Marbleabilia, that explores ways of reusing marble waste by treating them in the same way as the first choice material.

JellySeries filter by TaliaYStudio
JellySeries filter by TaliaYStudio in collaboration with J. & L. Lobmeyr for Wien Proudc

An exhibition entitled Viennese (Hi)Stories will focus on the work processes of designers from the fields of architecture, graphics and product design.


Christophe Machet will exhibit his Toiture surface constructed from discarded foam sandals, and a range of completely natural and biodegradable products made entirely out of sap, root, bark, shells and leaves.


Last year, Hungarian designer Zsanett Szirmay exhibited a punched-card music box that turned cross-stitch patterns into musical scores and Vienna-based TaliaYStudio released a collection of pendant necklaces that can be used as camera filters.

Vienna Design Week takes place from the 25 September to 4 October 2015 at various venues across the city. Find out more on the event's website.