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Competition: five Arckit reusable architectural modelling sets to be won

Competition: Dezeen has teamed up with Arckit to offer five readers the chance to win a model building set designed for architects, which was hailed as "posh Lego" when it launched earlier this year.

The folding screen display wall on the second floor enhances the elastic utilisation of the space. As to the basement, a ceiling made of soft films creates a bright enclosure just like a court to eliminate the space oppression.

Congratulations to the winners! Nicolas Smith from the USA, Jernej Kovac from Slovenia, Yasmin Munro from Australia, Stephanie Anastasiou from the UK and Malgorzata Pawlak from Poland.

Developed by Irish architect Damien Murtagh, Arckit allows users to build their designs using a series of modular components that connect without glue, similar to Danish toy Lego.

"For many people, 3D modelling images are very difficult to fully understand," Murtagh told Dezeen. "A physical model is much easier to comprehend."

Arckit modelling set competition

"With Arckit you don't need to spend months learning a complex and expensive software either, you just open the box and go," he added.

The reusable parts allow the creation of freeform structures that can be dismantled and modified when necessary.

Arckit modelling set competition

The system is based on modern building techniques and uses a universal scale, making it ideal for developing architectural projects or showcasing finished designs.

"You can design almost any structure with Arckit – from a room, extension, walled garden, dream home, street, high-rise tower or even replicate some of the most iconic structures in the world," said Murtagh.

Arckit modelling set competition

"It's a precision building tool that encourages you to follow your imagination rather than a set of instructions."

A catalogue of digital components that correspond with Arckit building blocks are also available through 3D modelling software SketchUp.

Murtagh is also currently developing Arckit infiniti 3D – a set of 3D-printed components that will be available through the Shapeways website.

Arckit modelling set competition

He has worked with building suppliers to offer a range of realistic surface textures such as timber, stone, brick and metal, which can be downloaded and printed to supplied self-adhesive Arckitexture sheets.

Kits and individual components are available to purchase online and in store throughout the USA at Barnes and Noble. Visit the Arckit website for more information.

This competition has now closed. Winners will be selected at random and notified by email, and their names will be published at the top of this page. Dezeen competitions are international and entries are accepted from readers in any country.