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Modular Ø Sofa by Kilo Design is formed of three lozenge-shaped cushions

Danish studio Kilo Design has created a seating system for furniture brand +Halle constructed from a set of soft rearrangeable lozenge-shaped elements.

The Ø sofa is named after the Danish word for island, and is designed to "accommodate the many-sided needs of daily use", according to Kilo Design.

O Sofa by Kilo Design for Halle

Constructed from three components, the upholstered seat can function as a sofa with a central back that sitters can cluster around, or as three separate elements – differentiated by subtly different shades.

"Ø isn't a modular system that creates endless modular possibilities; it offers variety in use with a simple set of modules," the studio told Dezeen.

O Sofa by Kilo Design for Halle

The main body of the sofa is made from two connecting rectangular pieces, with rounded corners, while a detachable sausage-shaped cushion rests on top.

When removed, the top section can function as a small bench and the two base pieces form larger flat seats.

O Sofa by Kilo Design for Halle

"The modules are predefined for use as individual units or in combination," explained Kilo Design. "Ø interlocks horizontally with a back rest, locking the two base modules together and vertically by interlocking the top module."

"This is a basic, easy-to-use system using nuts and bolts, and both actions are operated from below," it added.

O Sofa by Kilo Design for Halle

French designer Matali Crasset also created a sofa that could similarly be deconstructed into separate modules for Italian furniture company Campeggi.

"Ø bridges ideas from different worlds and turns an abstract idea into a tangible design that supports various kinds of interaction, like collaborating, socialising or just relaxing," said Kilo Design, which previously applied its modular approach to a set of headphones for Aiaiai.

O Sofa by Kilo Design for Halle

"Ø is accessible from all sides, creating a space for socialising and working collaboratively in a flexible, informal setting," the studio added.

The sofa is available in grey and green tones, and in fabric or leather coverings.

O Sofa by Kilo Design for Halle

Danish brand +Halle previously partnered with design duo Busk + Hertzog to release a scoop-shaped chair with wooden legs.