David Derksen's Table Architecture resembles abstract cityscape

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David Derksen creates an "abstract cityscape" with Table Architecture products

Northmodern 2016: Dutch designer David Derksen has designed a set of table trays and candle holders which, when grouped together, are reminiscent of a city skyline (+ slideshow).

Table Architecture by David Derksen

Having previewed the collection at last year's Salone Del Mobile, Derksen presented Table Architecture at the Northmodern exhibition in Copenhagen last week.

Table Architecture by David Derksen

The trays have perforated metal wall sides and a reflective glass base, while the candle holders consist of a concrete base and a perforated aluminium tower.

The trays are available in three different finishes and colour combinations: chrome with a blue mirrored base, white with a dichroic mirror and anthracite with a dark grey mirror.

Table Architecture by David Derksen

"This set of table trays and candle holders play with the abstraction of scale," said Derksen. "They can be perceived as architectural elements that interact with each other."

Table Architecture by David Derksen

"They are made from perforated metal and reflective glass, and once together – they become architecture and form an abstract cityscape," he added.

Table Architecture by David Derksen

As well as Table Architecture, Derksen also launched a collection of wall lamps that use overlaid pieces of etched brass and steel to create moving patterns.

Northmodern took place in Copenhagen from 13 to 16 January 2016. Other projects presented at the show included a series of geometric mirrored mobiles and a collection of lamps featuring bendy LED lights arranged in loops.