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Installation made of recycled coat hangers planned for New York's Governors Island

New York firm Folio has won this year's City of Dreams Pavilion competition with its proposal to create an installation made of used wire hangers acquired from local dry cleaners (+ slideshow).

Called Hanger Barn, the temporary structure is due to be installed this summer on Governors Island, which is located 800 yards (730 metres) from the southern tip of Manhattan and is reached by ferry.

Hanger Barn by Folio

The scheme by Folio – a young firm started by designers Youngsu Lee and Bosuk Hur – beat out 100 entrants in the 2016 edition of the City of Dreams Pavilion competition.

Now in its sixth year, the contest invites emerging studios to conceive an eco-friendly installation for the island, which opened to the public in 2004 after nearly two centuries of use as a military base.

Winners are chosen by a jury composed of New York architects, designers and engineers.

Folio's design features two arched enclosures made of triangular hangers that are linked together with zip ties. The hangers would come from New York dry cleaners and other local sources, according to the firm.

Hanger Barn by Folio

"Folio's proposal for the Hanger Barn turns recycled clothes hangers into a pavilion using modular design techniques," said competition organisers.

"It also creates the illusion of motion due to the placement of the hangers in fractal patterns, which create shadow effects on the ground below that change with the movement of the sun."

Once the structure is disassembled, the materials are intended to be reused.

The proposal still needs to acquire necessary building permits, and the organisers are still raising money for its construction.

The City of Dreams Pavilion competition is hosted by four organisations: the Emerging New York Architects Committee, the New York chapter of the American Institute of Architects, the Structural Engineers Association of New York, and the nonprofit arts group Figment.

Past winners include pavilions built of old rope and broken umbrellas and a cloud-like structure made of recycled plastic bottles.

Hanger Barn by Folio

"The City of Dreams Pavilion, so named for its focus on the future of a world that faces strains on both economic and natural resources, aims to promote sustainability-oriented thinking amidst the architecture and design communities," said the organisers.

"The competition requires designers to consider the environmental impact of their designs in everything from materials sourcing to disposal (or ideally reuse) of waste at the end of the season."

In addition to Folio's winning scheme, the organisers announced three finalists for this year's competition.

Catch Me If You Can – a scheme by Armand Devillard, Victor Diaz Ortege and Nicolas Moser – calls for erecting a canopy made of slalom ski gates. Nooks and Granny Squares, by Crystal Collado and Kara Vujanovich, features two domed structures clad in recycled plastic bags.

Pneu Pavilion is an inflatable structure partly made of recycled inner tubes from vehicles. The design was conceived by Nicholas Bruscia, Christopher Romano, Daniel Vrana, Alessandro Traverso and Martina Mongiardino.

Hanger Barn by Folio
Site plan – click for larger image
Hanger Barn by Folio
Long section – click for larger image
Hanger Barn by Folio
Cross section – click for larger image