Konnekt seating system by Roger Persson for Swedese

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Roger Persson creates furniture "smörgåsbord" with Konnekt system for Swedese

Stockholm 2016: Swedish design brand Swedese has launched a set of square seating modules that can be mixed with backrests, tables and planters (+ slideshow).

Konnekt by Roger Persson for Swedese

The Konnekt system by Gothenburg designer Roger Persson comprises a range of poufs created to be used in combinations.

Konnekt by Roger Persson for Swedese

"The basic idea was to create a Swedish smörgåsbord," said Persson, referring to the open-sandwich meal traditionally eaten in the country.

Konnekt by Roger Persson for Swedese

"I got the brief from Swedese that it wanted a pouf set series to add to its other contract furniture collections," he told Dezeen. "The idea was to match up with the basic squares shapes of these pieces, but do it a little bit softer."

Konnekt by Roger Persson for Swedese

Different sizes of the upholstered padded squares fit together in a variety of configurations, slotting together with ash or oak side tables and plant boxes that have the same dimensions as the seats.

Gaps between each module can be filled with vertical elements, including padded backrests for extra comfort and wooden frames for hanging coats and other items. Higher wooden tables supported by thin poles also mount onto the corners.

Konnekt by Roger Persson for Swedese

The modules are also available as drum-shaped versions, which can be used to provide additional seating around a larger arrangement.

"The idea was also to give the users the possibility to either do something very calm or normal, or to add backrests and small tables, to decide how much attention to draw to the furniture," the designer said.

Konnekt by Roger Persson for Swedese

Swedese's previous collaborations have included a swivelling tub chair by Michael Young and a skewed stackable shelving unit by Thomas Bernstrand.

The brand launched the Konnekt system at this year's Stockholm Furniture Fair, which took place from 9 to 13 February 2016. Among other seating designs presented at the event were a collection of chairs by Aalto University students all built from black-stained ash and a range of sewn wooden sofas by Färg & Blanche.