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Villa Eugénie designs funfair-themed set for Dior Homme

Brussels production studio Villa Eugénie designed a looping rollercoaster studded with multicoloured lights for Dior Homme's Summer 2017 catwalk show (+ slideshow).

Dior Homme summer 2017 catwalk set by Villa Eugenie

The set in Paris was based on the Sinksenfoor fairground in Antwerp. The designers described it as capturing "the attitude of the young Antwerpers who gather at the amusement park at dusk".

Dior Homme summer 2017 catwalk set by Villa Eugenie

Models for the show weaved their way through the loops and curves of the set, which rested on a metal-plated runway. Fairground light bulbs in bright colours decorated the glossy black railings at regular intervals.

The collection itself, created by Belgian fashion designer Kris van Assche, featured screen-printed suit jackets and waistcoats, leather harnesses and design details taken from sportswear.

Dior Homme summer 2017 catwalk set by Villa Eugenie

"This season there is a sense of collective consciousness to the collection – a remix of shared boyhood memories," said van Assche, who is artistic director at Dior Homme. "I am interested in a synthesis of generations and filtering subcultures through my own lens to tell a new story."

Dior has previously used orchid-covered walls as a backdrop to its autumn-winter 2014 runway show, which took place in a cylindrical white pavilion in the gardens of Musée Rodin.