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Ceramiche Refin launches Wide tile collection with line-drawn patterns

Dezeen promotion: Italian brand Ceramiche Refin has created a new collection of slate-like porcelain tiles, including versions featuring patterns of lines and grids that look as if they were hand-drawn in chalk (+ slideshow).

Designed by the brand to look like slate, the Wide collection of tiles features marks, cloudy effects and slight scratches.

The Wide collection by Ceramiche Refin
Ceramiche Refin has launched the Wide tile collection, featuring versions with patterns of lines and grids to create accents in spaces

There are five colour options, including white chalk, black carbon, olive green, as well as two shades of grey: steel and lead.

Ceramiche Refin also added a selection of designs called Sketch to the Wide range. The tiles feature chalky lines and grids on the slate-like surfaces, which are designed to create accents and interventions in large spaces.

The Wide collection by Ceramiche Refin
There are five colour options available, including an olive shade of green and a chalky white

The Wide collection tiles are available in five sizes – smaller versions for residential projects, and bigger formats designed for large commercial areas and retail spaces.

In addition to the standard smooth finish, Ceramiche Refin has created textured options. Both measure between nine and 9.5 millimetres thick.

The Wide collection by Ceramiche Refin
There is also a steel shade of grey

There is also a 20-millimetre-thick version for outdoor use, which is available in the carbon or steel shades.

To find out more about the Wide collection, visit the Ceramiche Refin website.

The Wide collection by Ceramiche Refin
The tiles are designed for both indoor and outdoor use

Read on for more information from Refin:

Wide, the latest collection of porcelain tiles from Ceramiche Refin, perfectly recreates the look and feel of slate. Wide's subtle surface smudges, marks and imprints give the range all the character you would expect from this natural material.

Wide is also available in a 20-millimetre-thick version in the Out 2.0 collection, in two shades – Carbon and Steel. These thicker tiles can be installed in a number of ways; from traditional installation with adhesive, through to raised installation which is ideal for temporary spaces, uneven ground or flooring areas where surfaces may need to be lifted for inspection.

The Wide collection by Ceramiche Refin
Two sizes are available so that the tiles can be used in a variety of spaces

Available in various size formats, the Wide collection is ideal for complex projects where the focus is on a harmonious overall effect.

The 60 by 60 centimetres and 30 by 60 centimetres sizes are suitable for residential projects, while the large-format tiles (240 by 120 centimetres, 120 by 120 centimetres, 120 by 60 centimetres and the 20-millimetre outdoor version are perfect for large areas where a reduction in grout lines is desired.

The Wide collection by Ceramiche Refin
The larger tiles are designed for public spaces

The new maxi-sizes are ideally suited for covering large, heavy-traffic areas and public spaces and can also be used in ventilated facades with visible or invisible anchoring systems.

The decorative Sketch tiles have been designed as an addition to the Wide collection. They feature lines and grids as if hand-drawn in chalk, in the same palette as Wide. These ceramic tiles with are perfect for creating accents and interventions in large spaces.

The Wide collection by Ceramiche Refin
The reduction in grout lines is designed to create a harmonious covering

Among the most significant features of Ceramiche Refin porcelain tiles are their strength, and their resistance to abrasion, frost and chemicals.

Low maintenance, porcelain tiles are easy to clean without the use of harsh chemicals, and do not require sealing or special surface treatments. In addition, due to their vitrified nature, they are the ideal surface to use in combination with an underfloor heating system.

Ceramiche Refin has been manufacturing products for over 50 years and is one of the world leaders in ceramic tile production.

The Wide collection by Ceramiche Refin
The Sketch edition features chalky lines and grids on the slate-like surfaces

Based near Bologna, Refin produces over six million square metres of tiles per year and have a new state-of-the-art factory and a Milan showroom.

The research team works closely alongside their in-house technical laboratory to constantly develop new products and advance tile technology.

For more information and technical support visit: