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Melania Trump's website deleted after architecture degree claim debunked

The website of Melania Trump, wife of Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump, has been taken down after it emerged that the claim she obtained a degree in architecture was false.

The site stated that the Slovenian ex-model obtained an undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Ljubljana, however many reporters questioned the information as her international profile rose.

It came to light that Trump left the course after her first year to pursue her career in modelling in Milan. Earlier this week, the biography was removed from her official website and the page now redirects to the Trump Organization homepage.

Trump, 46, grew up in Sevnica, Slovenia. In 2005 she married real estate mogul Donald Trump, who was officially nominated as the US presidential candidate for the Republican party earlier this month.

She has played an active role in her husband's campaign, but was ridiculed by the media and public after sections of her speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention appeared to be lifted from an address given by first lady Michelle Obama in 2008.

Her biography in the event's official programme also incorrectly stated that she had obtained a degree in Slovenia.

Ahead of the US presidential election, which takes place 8 November 2016, graphic designers including Milton Glaser have created posters urging the American public to vote.

Also, a design agency has encouraged Americans to chose chocolate bars based on six illustrated packaging designs that represent different political opinions.

Photograph is by ABC/Ida Mae Astute.