Eight tiny apartments that make the most of every square inch

As city property prices continue to skyrocket, the trend for micro apartments is growing. We've rounded up eight examples – from a 13-square-metre crashpad in Poland, to a Parisian flat with a home cinema – to show how to make the most of a tiny space (+ slideshow).

Versailles by Catseye Bay

Apartment renovation by Catseye Bay

Bespoke joinery with built-in storage creates partitions in this Sydney studio apartment.

The 36-square-metre flat, which was renovated by local design firm Catseye Bay, is rented out to holidaymakers. Find out more about Versailles »

100m3 by MYCC

A round-up of the best tiny apartments

Lack of floor space in this small but lofty Madrid apartment led Spanish studio MYCC to consider a more vertical arrangement.

The resident has to scale the walls using ladders and stairs, like a character in a computer game. Find out more about 100m3 »

22m2 Apartment by A Little Design

A Little Design creates 22m2 apartment in Taiwan

Floor-to-ceiling storage units make use of every scrap of head room in this 22-metre-square micro apartment in Taipei, designed by Taiwanese studio A Little Design. Find out more about 22m2 Apartment »

Micro-Apartment Moabit by Spamroom and John Paul Coss

A round-up of the best tiny apartments

This Berlin apartment is organised around a compact timber unit.

Designed by Berlin studio Spamroom and architect John Paul Coss, this space-saving addition contains a bathroom and hosts a mezzanine sleeping area. Find out more about Micro-Apartment Moabit »

13m2 Apartment by Szymon Hanczar

A round-up of the best tiny apartments

The smallest apartment on the list is the 13-square-metre residence of Polish designer Szymon Hanczar.

To maximise his tiny space in Wrocław, Hanczar created a sleeping platform above the kitchen and bathroom, a suspended seating area and a wall-mounted bike rack. Find out more about 13m2 Apartment »

Salva46 by Miel Arquitectos and Studio P10

A round-up of the best tiny apartments

Miel Arquitectos and Studio P10 created two micro live-work spaces within this Barcelona apartment.

The two residences have separate bedrooms and workspaces, but they share a kitchen, dining area and lounge to make the most of their combined 65 square metres. Find out more about Salva46 »

Air B N' P by Position Collective

Air BnP by Position Collection

Hungarian firm Position Collective designed this Airbnb property in Budapest.

It features a huge pegboard storage wall and a stage-like sleeping platform, designed to cater to the needs of its temporary occupants. Hungarian firm Position Collective has renovated a Budapest studio flat, designing a furniture and storage system that caters for temporary occupants booking via Airbnb.

Studio Li by Anne Rolland

One-room flat in Paris by Anne Rolland Architecte

A birch-plywood unit separates the bedroom from the living space in this Parisian studio, located inside a 17th-century townhouse.

To squeeze extra living space out of the compact apartment, architect Anne Rolland also converted a former slurry pit below it into a music room and home cinema. Find out more about Studio Li »