Kailu Guan shows augmented reality apparel at New York Textile Month

Parsons School of Design graduate Kailu Guan has created a range of garments that present three-dimensional shapes and moving patterns when viewed on a digital device (+ movie).

Designed under the moniker KG Projects, the collection uses augmented reality – overlaying digital imagery onto the real world – to produce extra effects across the clothing on screen.

Augmented Reality clothing by Kailu Guan

"There were so many stories I wanted to tell with my clothing, but with the given materials and the shapes of the garments there is a lot of story that is lost," Guan told Dezeen.

"As everything is now is digitised, I thought why don't we use a digital platform like an app to bring back the stories."

Augmented Reality clothing by Kailu Guan

Augmented reality has been around for some time, but it is increasingly being used for applications ranging from presenting architectural models to providing drivers with information about their surroundings.

The technology made its way into popular culture earlier this year with the launch of the Pokémon GO video game.

Augmented Reality clothing by Kailu Guan

For her graduate collection, Guan worked with programmers and animators to combine existing technology with their own coding, creating a bespoke app.

Screen-printed patterns on the fabrics are used as "triggers", and are read by the app when the device's camera is pointed at them.

Augmented Reality clothing by Kailu Guan

The app then displays the programmed digital additions on the screen to look as if they are part of the garments.

Huge spikes and dots, and rippling water are among the effects that Guan has used. The clothes themselves are made from suede, organic wool and cotton, with printing and texturing techniques including foiling and flocking.

Augmented Reality clothing by Kailu Guan

"It's a combination of traditional textiles and digital ones," Guan said.

The garments are on show at the Talent exhibition of graduate fashion projects from eight schools around the world, located in Governors Island and open until 18 September 2016.

Augmented Reality clothing by Kailu Guan

The showcase is forms part of New York Textile Month, which was initiated by trend forecaster and Parsons professor Li Edelkoort to highlight the revival of cloth, and is taking place across the city throughout September.

Project credits:

Lead Programer: Fox Chen
Programer: Jason Yung
Digital artist: Yaya Xu