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Who's hot? Find out when Dezeen Hot List launches next week

Which are the architects, designers, brands, schools and events that Dezeen readers most wanted to read about over the last year? We'll reveal the answers when we launch Dezeen Hot List on 9 November.

Dezeen Hot List is a comprehensive, objective guide to the most newsworthy and searched-for players in the design world in 2016. More than just a popularity contest, it shows who set the agenda and who made the news.

Supported by Adrem, the Hot List is based entirely on data. It ranks architects, designers, brands, institutions, schools and events according to the number of times our readers searched for them and the number of times they looked at stories about them.

There are also lists for fashion, personalities and artists.

Next Wednesday we'll be publishing top-10 lists for each of these categories, plus the full 400-strong Dezeen Hot List. There will be individual profiles for the top 100 entries, explaining why they're on the list and which stories were most popular.

There will also be overviews of each category and a full explanation of the methodology we used to work out the list, which involved analysis of hundreds of millions of page views and tens of thousands of search queries.

The result is, we believe, a fascinating insight into the design landscape and the people and organisations that make the news in our sector.

We hope the publication of the list will become a key moment in the design world's calendar, tracking changes in popularity and newsworthiness year by year.

Check from 12:00 GMT on Wednesday 9 November to find out who's hot!