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"How many Holocaust memorials does the world need?"

Readers are debating whether a new Holocaust memorial for London is necessary – after David Adjaye, Zaha Hadid Architects and Daniel Libeskind revealed competing designs – in this week's comments update.

Mass memorials: commenters protested at the star-studded shortlist, which is made up of ten proposals for a new Holocaust memorial in the centre of London.

"How many Holocaust memorials does the world need?" asked Derek.

"The glut of new starchitect-designed Holocaust museums around the world over 70 years later comes off as an ill-advised exercise in vanity," added Berklyn.

Anish Kapoor and Zaha Hadid Architects' dramatic design proved controversial.  "A fake meteorite? This is not Disneyland," said Cyrus.

However, the entry was the clear favourite among readers. "Not my favourite artist and architect but the Zaha and Kapoor one looks really good," wrote Pipo. Regular commenter Spadestick agreed:

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Ban-gate: Donald Trump's supporters clashed with his critics in the comments section, after the US president's so-called Muslim ban prompted a backlash from tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google and Airbnb.

"We should all be united against this lunatic," said Matteo. "I commend them," added Mehr.

But others came to Trump's defence. "This is why he got elected. Ordinary people are tired of being scolded by those on the left who deign themselves our betters," wrote Steam Town.

A reader called out one company for being hypocritical:

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Over the River by Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Christo says no: tech companies aren't the only ones protesting against Trump. Bulgarian artist Christo came under fire in the comments for abandoning plans for one of his signature giant fabric artworks over the president's views on climate change.

"I respect Christo's decision to pull out," said WaxWing. "Trump is already threatening and attacking American arts and national parks."

Others questioned whether the installation actually has any eco credentials. "Failure to continue with this "art" project will actually benefit the earth," wrote regular commenter Concerned Citizen.

"Covering a river in art? Christo is irrelevant," wrote Marino.

Some commenters asked whether Christo's stance would be effective:

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Erotic climbing wall by Bompas & Parr

Gripe Mountain: Bompas & Parr's climbing wall featuring "sensual holds" shaped like breasts and penises caused some eye-rolls among readers this week.

"Like a silly joke, you hear it a second time and it's not funny anymore," wrote Sascha.

"When creativity is dead and you're squeezing the very last bits and drops still left, you end up creating these," added Monsieur Basabose.

One commenter couldn't resist bringing up Donald Trump:

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