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Ono launches range of wooden hooks to display bikes at home

Start-up bicycle brand Ono Cycle has released a set of wall mounts that save space by storing and displaying bikes.

The hooks hark back to the early history of bicycles, when frames were constructed using wood. In a nod to this heritage, each of the wall mounts is made from sustainable red oak, which has been harvested in Wisconsin.

The frame of the bike slots into a groove at the front of the rack, which also offers room to store extra items. The range includes a rectangular shelf-like mount, and another diamond-shaped hook which comes in light or dark finishes.

The Los Angeles-based company was set up in 2016, and launched with a collection of handmade wooden handlebars.

The name Ono is taken from a Japanese word used to describe axes, with each of the handlebars made from American hickory wood – a material typically used in axe handles. All of Ono's products are made in Los Angeles, in partnership with local artists.

The challenge of limited living space has prompted several designers to come up with innovative solutions for cyclists, including a similarly wall-mounted rack created by Karl Mikael Ling.

Others have focused on creating folding bike frames, including a prototype cycle that folds into itself to fit onto an accompanying wall hook.

The cycling accessories market as a whole has seen an influx of new products, many of which have been launched with the help of crowdfunding.

Designers have created everything from helmets with in-built brake lights and indicators to bike locks that make would-be thieves throw up.