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10 popular holiday homes with swimming pools from Dezeen's Pinterest boards

This long weekend, we're highlighting 10 homes from our Pinterest boards that feature swimming pools in preparation for the upcoming summer months, including an elevated pool you can walk beneath in Marbella and a rooftop pool in Lisbon.

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Pavilion House, Italy, by Act_Romegialli

This residence in northern Italy features an underground pool that faces onto the surrounding parkland. It is housed inside a sunken pavilion also containing a private gym and kitchen.

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Pinterest roundups pool houses

Oak Pass House, USA, by Walker Workshop

An infinity pool sits on the roof of this California home and reflects the nearby foliage. The property was designed for a concert violinist who wanted a quiet place to host private performances.

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Jellyfish House, Spain, by Wiel Arets Architects

A pool with a glass floor cantilevers out beside the entrance to this house in Marbella, allowing residents to swim and sunbathe with views of the Mediterranean sea.

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House on the Cliff, Spain, by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Mountainous hills tower over this infinity pool, which looks out over the Balearic Sea. The adjoining home was designed as a single monolithic volume that nestles against the rockface.

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House in Lisbon, Portugal, by Luís and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade and Manuel Cachão Tojal

This narrow townhouse in Lisbon features a slim swimming pool along its roof. The three-storey house was also designed as a vertical garden and includes 25 different Iberian and Mediterranean plant species.

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Holman House, Australia, by Durbach Block Jaggers

A rounded pool sits in this Picasso-inspired clifftop house near Sydney. The curved forms of the interior, which sits on four angled stilts, are derived from the torso of Picasso's The Bather painting.

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02 House, USA, by o2 Architecture and Al Beadle 

This modernist house in Palm Springs sits at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains, and features a pool nestled into the rocky outcrop. The home contains notable art and furnishings in homage to its desert surroundings.

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55 Blair Road, Singapore, by ONG&ONG

Wooden platforms act like stepping stones across this townhouse and private pool in Singapore. The indoor and outdoor spaces merge to introduce more light into the living spaces.

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Taghkanic House, USA, by Hariri & Hariri

An infinity pool overlooks the verdant, rolling terrain surrounding this country retreat in New York. The design of the property aimed to respect the rural context, with low-slung structures integrated into the contours of the site.

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Casa Monterrey, Mexico, by Tadao Ando

Tadao Ando's Casa Monterrey features a swimming pool that extends out from one side of the building and cantilevers over the edge of a hillside towards the horizon.

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