Joshua Tree Residence by Whitaker Studio

"Interesting as a museum piece, not as a home"

Readers can't decide if a proposed Californian desert home made up of splayed white shipping containers should be classified as architecture or art in this week's comments update.

Arthouse: renderings of a house formed from a cluster of white cargo containers, planned for Joshua Tree by James Whitaker, seemed to split commenters' opinion on whether the residence was actually suitable for human habitation.

Youreastar felt the project had potential to be a landmark: "The building looks like it mimics the spiky plants in the landscape. This would look great on Google Maps, I can just see the architectural students lining up to take photos!"

But Mark argued that this shouldn't be the goal of a residence: "This is just an object, like a modern art sculpture with no purpose other than contemplation. It's interesting as a museum piece, not as a home."

Larry felt the same way: "This isn't a house, it's an 'art installation'. This is what happens when one has more money than common sense."

"Gorgeous sculptural concept. Not at all sure how clever or appropriate it is in this setting, however – Joshua Tree gets HOT," added Dan Brill, who was worried by the choice of materials for the location.

But Keith Sheridan seemed to approve of the plans: "Great example of using a pre-existing inexpensive module to create a unique and inspiring space. And the architectural structure does, in fact, reflect the rock formations surrounding it."

One reader seemed to have a grasp on the general attitude towards to project.

Is James Whitaker's Joshua Tree Residence a house or an artwork? Join the debate in the comments section.

Sluice Point by Omar Gandhi

Peaceful: a low-lying cedar-clad house in Nova Scotia designed for a Swiss family by Omar Gandhi received both approval and scrutiny from readers this week.

Jon lavished praise on the project: "Looks like a very calming, extroverted and well-thought-through house. Well done OGA."

Wendy James had a slightly different view: "Don't like it at all. Cold and sterile looking. Even the furniture looks torturous to sit on"

"All the comfort of an airport waiting lounge," added a snide Arcite.

The criticism had Russell Magnus left scratching his head: "What's wrong with you guys? A unique house built in an unbeatable setting – how could you ask for more? I'd rather have my neighbourhood flooded with this kind of houses instead of McMansions."

This reader had probably been waiting for an excuse to use this pun.

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Bjarke Ingels proposes Mars simulation city for Dubai in race for space colonisation

Life on Mars: a proposal for a domed city in Dubai simulating the conditions of Mars from BIG's Bjarke Ingels caught the attention of readers this week.

"Why Mars? Why not build places for people to live in difficult areas on Earth? Start over, like we just landed," pondered Liesbeth Oltmans

"The future is now, and it's brutally depressing," wrote an unimpressed Rthko.

Jennifer Scantland felt the proposal was a promising sign for things to come: "Without consideration of the design, the fact that we are now at the point of simulation Martian colonisation is pretty exciting."

But Jeroen van Lith needed to see more: "More lively renders would have helped. Interesting project anyhow."

One reader felt the whole thing was a waste of time.

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Rocketman: readers also had their say on SpaceX CEO Elon Musk's ambitious plans to use rockets as a form of transport on earth, which he said would allow travel between any city in under an hour.

"This guy must be crazy. Isn't it enough that we are destroying the planet? Let alone rockets for the super rich?" pointed out an incredulous Jeremy Fid.

"That is what people used to say about airplanes in 1890 and look at us now," fired back Juan P Alatorre.

A user named AudiA4 also believed in the idea despite naysayers: "Fully within the realm of current technology. Elon is the visionary type who's just crazy enough to pull this off!"

This reader joined in with applauding Musk's drive.

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