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Off the Grid collection by Shaw Contract

Remote landscapes inform textural floor-tile collection by Shaw Contract

Dezeen promotion: flooring company Shaw Contract looked to the patterns and textures found in natural landscapes when creating its latest range of carpet tiles.

Inspired by environments that are completely removed from technology and modern ways of living, the brand ventured to secluded locations to closely study the terrain. The research process also informed the collection's title, Off the Grid.

Off the Grid collection by Shaw Contract

The brand believes that the resulting tiles, which can be used as specific area rugs or full-scale carpets, will "bring a human touch indoors" and encourage buyers to think more about the natural environment.

"This collection offered the opportunity to break free from routine and seek out new experiences in remote and unfamiliar places," said Ashley Olson, a design manager at Shaw Contract.

Off the Grid collection by Shaw Contract

"The patterns in this collection offer an abstracted view of the landscapes we encountered," Olson continued.

Observing the landscapes at a micro-scale, the brand referenced the intricate markings made by moss, spider webs, and beetle trails, and then interpreted these as four different patterns.

Off the Grid collection by Shaw Contract

The 12 by 48-inch tiles are available in 12 colours, each informed by elements of nature. Shades include Coast, which is a deep-blue, Cliff, which is dusty grey, and Dune, a warm beige. Buyers can order custom broadloom and also choose from two different running line styles of broadloom.

Off the Grid collection by Shaw Contract

"An honest and authentic colour palette was directly derived from our surroundings," Olson explained.

"The colours are drawn from the richness of all that we observed, a reflection of what nature has to offer when you go off grid."

To find out more about the Off the Grid collection, visit the company's website.