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Studio Truly Truly designs mix-and-match lighting system for Rakumba

The modular nature of this lighting system by Studio Truly Truly is based on the way that different letters are assembled to create words.

Rotterdam-based Studio Truly Truly created the Typography lighting system for Australian brand Rakumba. The product will launch during this year's IMM furniture fair, which takes place in Cologne, Germany later this month.

The entire system is made up of seven different lights and a rail, which the studio describes as "impossibly thin". The rail can be positioned horizontally or vertically and can be built up to create layered lighting solutions.

The lights, which range from long, tubular sconces to round plate-like pendants, can be placed in four different positions along the rail.

Each light can each be controlled independently, allowing users to create and direct different levels of light to the desired part of the room.

Creating a system that allows for an "infinite" amount of combinations was inspired by letters and words, according to Studio Truly Truly.

"The new Typography lighting system is inspired by the way characters form words, and how these can be arranged in relationships to create a language of expression," said the studio.

"Studio Truly Truly have designed a lighting system of exceptional purity of form in their first collaboration with us," said said Michael Murray, director of Rakumba. "Based on the discipline of typography, the system allows for infinite combinations of its several component characters, creating endless configurations or expressions – as we refer to them."

Studio Truly Truly operates from The Netherlands but was founded by Australian designers Joel and Kate Booy.

Previously, the duo created a collection of lamps featuring bendy LED lights arranged in loops, and designed a collection of plaid throws with Hella Jongerius for Eindhoven's TextielMuseum.

Their latest collection designed for Rakumba will launch during this year's IMM furniture fair, taking place in Cologne from 15 to 21 January.