Foster + Partners launches range of solid wood furniture

Foster + Partners has launched a collection of solid wood furniture that is designed to be passed down through generations.

The OVO range, which is being shown at Clerkenwell Design Week between 22 and 24 May, has been designed to be durable so that the pieces can be used for many years.

Made in collaboration with furniture manufacturer Benchmark, the collection features two variants of a dining table, a sideboard, shelving unit, high table, coffee table, stool and benches.

Foster+Partners launches range of solid wood furniture

"Working closely with the craftspeople at Benchmark, we have created a unique range of solid wood furniture that embodies a sense of warmth and generosity," said Mike Holland, Head of Industrial Design at Foster + Partners.

"[It] has an inherent sense of longevity that will allow each piece to gather memories and meaning through successive generations."

Foster+Partners launches range of solid wood furniture

"The range celebrates the age-old tradition of craftsmanship in everyday objects, combining durability and careful detailing with a strong materiality to create a range of furniture that is exceptionally tactile and generous," explained the brand.

The first piece in the collection is a dining table, which has a rectangular tabletop with visible joints and four legs that slope outwards. It has a natural finish and is available in two heights.

It is accompanied by a set of long rectangular benches that have a minimalist design and visible joints, like the dining table.

Foster+Partners launches range of solid wood furniture

The shelving unit is 1.9 metres long and is supported by cylindrical wooden rods.

"A unique system of connection between the supports allows for multiple shelves to be stacked one on top of the other – from a simple low pair to a maximum of five shelves," said the brand.

Foster+Partners launches range of solid wood furniture

Meanwhile, the sideboard has a rectangular structure with circular recessed handle details. It is available in either with either six or four doors.

Other pieces in the collection include a round dining table, side table and coffee table.

"The soft geometry of the OVO range not only imbues the pieces with a quiet solidity but also serves as a compelling invitation to touch, while the boldness and simplicity of its form demand perfection of execution of the craft," said Holland.

Better known for its architectural projects, Foster + Partners ranked 9th in the latest Dezeen Hot List, and is currently constructing new headquarters for robotics company DJI in the city of Shenzhen and completing a hotel in Hong Kong inside former government headquarters.

The practice is also working on a number of design projects, including a chair that facilitates focused work in public spaces and a tabletop light with a candle-like glow.