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Vola celebrates 50th birthday with series of short films

Dezeen promotion: Danish tap manufacturer Vola has released a series of short films, which explore everything from its relationship with water to its approach to sustainability, to mark the brand's 50th birthday.

Vola celebrates 50th birthday

The six films focus on Vola's core brand values, highlighting the individual elements that comprise its story since its origins in 1968.

"Each film tells an individual story and together, they tell the full Vola story – its history, the present day, and its eye on the future," said the brand.

In this film, titled Water and Wellness, Vola discusses how it has extensively studied water to refine its product design, so its taps operate in the most precise way possible.

Vola celebrates 50th birthday

It goes on to show the construction process of the freestanding FS1 tap, which the brand likens to a sculpture because of its "minimal, classic and timeless design".

"Water is the essence of Vola, it shapes everything we do," the brand explains in the film. "Exact water flow, responsive control and the careful, silent blending of water and air create perfect bathing experiences."

Vola celebrates 50th birthday

The film continues by taking a wider look at the Danish attitude to spending time outdoors, and the notion that being closer to nature can improve people's sense of wellbeing.

The four other films explore topics ranging from Vola's "modular system of infinite possibilities", which focuses on the 111 tap originally designed by Arne Jacobsen in the 1960s, to the brand's approach to sustainability and use of recycled materials.

One film also offers an insight into the workforce operating at the brand's headquarters in Denmark, and its hands-on approach to making products.

To find out more about Vola and see the rest of the films, visit the brand's website.