Priestmangoode creates full-scale prototype of "spaceship-like" Hyperloop capsule

"Guess this is all just unnecessary PR hype"

In this week's comments update, readers are confused about the shape of a prototype Hyperloop capsule, and blown away by plans for the Wuxi Show Theatre in China.

To the point: readers were transfixed by the shape of a prototype for a Hyperloop passenger capsule designed by Priestmangoode.

"That nose-cone would cut through its path cleanly, like a hot knife through butter," said Jack.

However, Mat wasn't sure why a streamlined shape had been chosen, asking: "If it's in a vacuum tube does it still need to be that shape?"

Peter B was also confused: "As it's intended to be run in a vacuum, why the streamlining? Why does it need styling at all? Guess this is all just unnecessary PR hype in reality."

"'The capsule would make up just one section of a longer train.' So it's a train carriage," observed Oinonio.

One commenter was already imagining the joy of the ride:

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Wuxi Show Theatre by SCA

Visual feast: plans have been revealed for the Steven Chilton Architects' designed Wuxi Show Theatre in China, and readers are mesmerised by the visualisations.

"The contrast with the context and unvarnished depiction of everyday China in some of these images is haunting. The image of the old woman on the bicycle trailer is sublime," praised Melanie Thorpe.

Ho added: "Kudos for showing China and its smog filled skies as they are, the design is very beautiful."

"Lovely imagery, keeping it real," agreed Ye.

Jemima Harris went on: "These images and building are utterly poetic. There is a truthfulness and sense of empathy in the way the local residents and architecture are shown that feels refreshing, original, and honest."

This reader made a suggestion about the inspiration behind the design:

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Sketch appeal: Peter Barber is drawing 365 urban masterplans to prove that it is possible "to design a city in 10 minutes", leaving readers in awe.

"Lovely little drawings that immediately sparked my own imagination – thank you Mr.Barber," complimented Arc.

Threefloatingorbs shared the sentiment, adding: "Nice way to get the juices flowing."

"A very admirable exercise to put one's self through," agreed Jay C. White Cloud.

Chris Becket went even further: "What is gobsmacking to me is how intensely personal these sketches are. I think it takes tremendous courage to put on public display one's nascent thoughts and ideas, unedited, unrefined, and so very un-precious."

This reader suggested the sharing of ideas:

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Ural Philharmonic Orchestra by Zaha Hadid Architects

A weak note: Zaha Hadid Architects won a competition to design the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic Concert Hall in Yekaterinburg, Russia, and several commenters were not fans of the design.

"Blob without the Zaha touch," criticised Karol B.

Oscar Ridout, believes the quality of design was decreasing under its new leadership: "Please stop Patrik, each new project gets weaker and weaker."

"Looks like someone at Zaha Hadid Architects has been watching Flight of the Navigator – a Disney children's sci-fi movie, made in 1986!" observed Alfred Hitch Cock.

For this reader the design reminded them of something very specific:

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