Dortheavej Residence affordable housing by BIG

"Wonderful stuff"

In this week's comments update, readers are pleased to hear first hand what it is like to live in BIG's affordable housing development in Copenhagen.

BIG saving: readers are envious of residents of an affordable housing development in Copenhagen, designed by Bjarke Ingels' firm BIG.

"They are affordable for Copenhagen, which is not cheap. I live in one and couldn't be happier. Light, airy, spacious, which is a luxury here," said one of the tenants, Nikolai Kotlarczyk.

Blue Wren replied: "Nice to hear from someone who is actually living in a space. They look lovely to me"

"Wonderful stuff," agreed Think.

"Beautiful. We need them over here," added Marmite.

One reader isn't convinced though:

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Show stopped: delays from the city hall to grant licenses for a building in Rio de Janeiro designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, have meant that the project has been shelved – much to the delight of some readers.

"'Zaha Hadid Architects' and 'scrapped' in the same sentence has filled me with joy," commented Jb in glee.

"This is not Zaha Hadid architecture, stop surfing on her name," pleaded Shumi Lumi Dumi.

Spadestick agreed: "They wanted Zaha, not Patrik".

"Especially this monstrosity," added Miles Teg.

This reader felt differently however:

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Starbucks Drive Thru by Kengo Kuma

Flat white: 29 recycled shipping containers have been stacked by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma to form a Starbucks coffee shop in Hualien, Taiwan, but readers are underwhelmed.

"I thought someone like Kengo Kumo wouldn't bother with a dead trend like shipping containers," commented an unimpressed Miles Teg.

Andrew Irvin added sarcastically: "To the intern in Kengo Kumo's office, who was clearly left to do this odd little project by themselves, nice work".

Spadestick also alluded to the quality of the work: "Is Taiwan always 10 years behind Japan? Why don't contractors ever take pride in their workmanship over there?"

For Arc, the project looks like: "Giant pick-up-sticks".

This reader was more concerned about the colour:

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Headless man-shaped pillow intended as cure for loneliness

Plus one: commenters find the The Mannequin – a cushion that resembles an upper body with extra-long arms to provide comfort – both creepy and comical.

"Nothing like a decapitated stand-in to take the edge off your own personal horror show," joked Threefloatingorbs.

Jam added: "Nothing says loneliness like a human shape pillow".

"A cosier version of the blow-up doll," observed Nicole D.

Catherine Hammond had suggestions for improvements: "Add some legs so one can wrap themselves in it while in bed".

This reader made their feelings towards the cushions very clear:

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