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Nissan concept van Studio Hardie

Nissan's NV300 concept van is a mobile hub for artisans and craftsmen

Nissan has released a concept van that doubles as a mobile workshop for woodworkers and craftsmen, with a weatherproof power pack for battery-powered energy.

Created in collaboration with UK-based Studio Hardie, the vehicle's cargo area has been kitted out as a mobile workshop for a woodworking professional.

Nissan concept van Studio Hardie

The van features multiple in-built storage boxes, a retractable work bench with wall-mounted lamp, plus specially designed storage for cables and a full set of tools attached to the inside of the back doors.

"The designs for the tool storage came from years of site work, thinking about how we work, what tool you want where," explained studio founder Will Hardie.

Nissan concept van Studio Hardie

The vehicle's load space includes an integrated touch-screen computer, swivel-seating on floor rails, and LED lighting in the ceiling.

"We decided to create a grid which we could anchor desks, racks and boxes to; this gave the interior a strong and rational form," said Hardie.

"We then played with our three-dimensional lines, adding or taking away to create a functional Mondrian-esque grid."

Nissan concept van Studio Hardie

The main structure of the bespoke conversion is largely completed in "lightweight and strong" pale ash, with birch-faced plywood for the wall panels and boxes for contrast.

To test their ideas, the team initially built plywood and cardboard mock-ups to see how the design would work in the space.

Nissan concept van Studio Hardie

"We often work in far-flung parts of the country and having such a versatile refined workspace that you can use on site is the ideal solution," said Hardie.

The tools are powered with an Energy Roam battery, a silent, emissions-free, weatherproof power pack with a storage capacity of 700 watt-hours, which can provide a maximum power output of one kilowatt.

Nissan concept van Studio Hardie

"Light is really important in a workspace; with the power of the Roam battery we could turn the entire ceiling into a giant light box," added Hardie.

"I love the way that it floods the space with light – it feels a bit like stepping into an art installation."

Nissan concept van Studio Hardie

Energy Roam comprises batteries recovered from Nissan's Leaf electric vehicles that have come to the end of their lives. It will launch in European markets this spring.

The power pack can also be recharged using a solar panel mounted on the roof of the van, making it a fully "off-grid" energy option.

Nissan concept van Studio Hardie

The Nissan NV300 is available in various lengths and heights. Although the concept has not been rolled out for sale, it is intended to highlight how these lightweight commercial vans can be fitted with a bespoke interior to suit various different needs.

Last year, in another departure from its usual ventures, Nissan kitted out a guesthouse in Japan with self-driving slippers that return to the entrance hall at the push of a button.