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Zaha Hadid and Odlo Women's Activewear

Zaha Hadid Design and Odlo launch activewear collection for women

Zaha Hadid Design has launched a woman's activewear collection with Swiss brand Odlo, which is designed to protect you from even the harshest Scandinavian winters.

The Odlo Activewear collection features a parka, leggings and a bralette.

The collection was made using body-mapping technology, which assesses how the body regulates temperature and sweat during exercise.

Each piece is engineered so that the right fabric is in the precise position on the body to keep athletes dry, warm and comfortable in all types of weather conditions, even Scandinavia's "notoriously harsh" winters.

"The aim was to achieve a dialogue between the pattern and the mapping itself  – this is evident where the pattern changes direction or size to allow for more breathability and movement," Zaha Hadid Design told Dezeen.

Each product in the collection incorporates subtle lined patterns that follow the curvature of the body to ensure a comfortable fit.

"Seamlessness in the weave was as important as achieving seamlessness with the pattern; changes in directions are not abrupt but rather smooth transitions," said Zaha Hadid Design.

Zaha Hadid and Odlo Women's Activewear

The first item in the collection is the Zaha bralette, which is black with faint line patterns and a sheer panel at the top, intended to evoke a layering effect.

"The Zaha bralette radiates elegance and femininity and is also a real eye-catcher, reinventing the layering effect in a unique, very appealing design," said Odlo.

"The sports bra provides support and incorporates Odlo's organic body-mapping concept with its flowing net structures in a surprising way. At the same time, the Zaha bralette convinces by the combination of ease and superior flexibility," explained the brand.

Also in the collection are the Zaha tights that are made of a black lycra material with sheer, netted panels around the legs, intended to ensure breathability and movement.

"Their integrated net structure makes the tights look sensual, lending them an elegant touch at the same time," said Odlo.

Zaha Hadid and Odlo Women's Activewear

Finally, the Zaha parka is white with a subtle flock print on the inside so that the material does not stick to the user's body. It is made of a polyamide fabric to allow for extra ventilation.

"Adapting to the anatomy and physiology of the human body, the collection incorporates layering techniques to give optimum performance and design," said the Swiss brand.

Zaha Hadid and Odlo Women's Activewear

Zaha Hadid Design was founded in 2006, following the success of Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid's eponymous architectural firm, which she established in 1980.

Following the architect's sudden death in 2016, the firm is now headed by Patrik Schumacher who recently designed a hat based on the swooping shapes of the firm's architecture.