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Voltra cordless lighting collection

Voltra launches cordless lamps that emulate candlelight

Dezeen promotion: new lighting brand Voltra has launched a range of minimal cordless lamps, designed to "recreate the intimacy of candlelight".

Cordless Lighting is the first collection from Voltra, a company that launched in September 2018 with a initial range of lights designed in London.

The lamps are intended for dining at home or in restaurants, offering soft, atmospheric lighting with minimal glare.

Voltra cordless lighting collection
Voltra's first collection comprises three different styles of cordless lamps

"We wanted the object to be a guest at the table, lighting most importantly the faces of those seated around it, encouraging conversation and interaction," explained the lighting brand.

"One key focus was the removal of glare from the source. Many months were invested experimenting with variant LED sources and materials to understand the transmission and flow of the light."

Voltra cordless lighting collection
Alabaster is handcrafted from natural alabaster

There are three lights in the collection: Alabaster, Reeded and Frosted.

Alabaster is handcrafted from natural alabaster to give each lamp a unique pattern, designed to echo "flamboyant art-deco interiors".

Voltra cordless lighting collection
Reeded combines brass mesh with a polycarbonate outer cover

The Reeded lamp combines brass mesh with a reeded polycarbonate outer layer. Voltra said it "re-imagines gas lights and French boudoir lighting".

The last style, Frosted, is a simple, pared-back translucent design created with "universal functionality" in mind.

Voltra cordless lighting collection
Frosted is stripped back for "universal functionality"

All three table lamps are powered by batteries and available in two different sizes. The larger, designed for group tables, has a diameter of 100 millimetres while the smaller, intended for intimate dining, measures 80 millimetres.

The Alabaster and Frosted lights are available with four different coloured bases: antique bronze, natural brass, polished chrome and satin nickel.

A textured base, available in antique bronze or natural brass, can be chosen for the Reeded lamp.

Voltra cordless lighting collection
The designs are intended to "recreate the intimacy of candlelight"

The bases design disguise's the battery level indication and power button, which integrates a dimming function comprising three different brightnesses and a flickering mode.

Voltra also offers both individual and group charging stations for the collection, allowing for high-speed charging of the lamps.

These stations enable users to set the intensity and mode of the light remotely, removing the need to physically touch each unit to set the level.