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Resonance exhibition by Samsung at Milan design week

Samsung's Resonance installation invites visitors to make art with "everyday behaviours"

Dezeen promotion: Samsung has created an interactive installation for Milan design week that allows visitors to create art by breathing, talking and moving.

Taking place at Milan design week 2019, Resonance is intended to provide each guest with a unique experience, while showcasing Samsung's design philosophy under the slogan: "Be Bold. Resonate with Soul".

"The Resonance exhibition is composed of empathy, discovery, and moments of deep immersion," explained the company.

"The audience will interact with the artwork based on everyday behaviors – from breathing, making sound, and movement that completes an exhibition both created by and dedicated to the audience themselves," it continued.

"The transformation of everyday life that results in the interaction between people and objects is expressed in the form of perfect resonance between artwork and audience, which portrays the state of tomorrow that Samsung Design pursues."

Resonance exhibition by Samsung at Milan design week
Resonance features three different zones, including the booth-filled Discovery room

Resonance comprises a series of maze-like spaces divided over three different zones. The first zone, Empathy, is a room filled with soft, colourful lighting designed to "awaken inner sentimentalities".

It leads into the next room, named Discovery, which is lined with booths and incorporates audio to "breathe life into the artwork" and "make sure every visitor can relish the joy of hearing".

Three installations are housed within the Empathy and Discovery zones. The first, Breathe in, Breathe out, creates shapes that grow and shrink as visitors breathe.

Meanwhile, See Your Voice allows visitors to make patterns with light using their voices, and Touch the Emotion is a room full of thousands of bouncy balls that can be activated by pressing a pressure sensor.

Resonance exhibition by Samsung at Milan design week
There are five different installations including Touch the Emotion

In the final zone, Immersion, there are two further installations that focus on the movements of visitors.

Ripple of Senses encourages guests to take steps that in turn create sounds and ripples of light on the floor.

The final installation, Resonating with Soul, invites the audience to "become one with the artwork and complete their journey". It takes the form of a room filled with colourful lights, accompanied by the sounds of stepping on pebbles.

Resonance exhibition by Samsung at Milan design week
Like See Your Voice, each installation plays on "everyday behaviours"

"This exhibition will demonstrate the bold and essential representation of Samsung Electronics that ushered in a better life and future by connecting people with technology for the past 50 years," added the company.

"The endless possibilities of Samsung Electronics that people have already experienced and will continue experience in the future will become sources of profound resonance."

Resonance ends with a short exhibition that outlines the past 50 years of Samsung history.

Samsung Electronics is presenting the Resonance exhibition during Milan design week 2019, which runs from April 9 to 14.

Find out more about Samsung on its website.