"Lovely tiny home, even lovelier little dog"

In this week's comments update, readers aren't sure about the interior design of an apartment in Madrid, but have fallen for the dog who lives there.

Dog house: a Madrid apartment that's lined with plywood and has a series of cotton hemispheres for the owner's bulldog to rest on, has received mixed reviews.

"It mostly seems quite clever and well done," praised Eugene Ely. "However, the 'turd' placements on the floor are just a little too precious."

Hilton Purvis was confused: "I couldn't focus on anything else in this article, but what appeared to be the top half of hamburger buns (sans sesame seeds) strewn across the floor."

"Personally I think this looks awful, but I genuinely applaud the individual approach," added Zea Newland.

Chris was nothing but positive: "It's a fantastic space, seems flexible in a functional and definitely fun way. Kudos yo."

It was Albóndiga, the bulldog who captured this reader's attention:

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New heights: France is holding an architectural competition to design a replacement spire for Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris after it collapsed during the fire, but not everyone agrees it's the best idea.

"I honestly hate hearing of these types of competitions," said Michael Wigle. "They might as well cover the building in brand logos from those offering donations and fit the new roof with the most offensive looking spire by the firm most politically tied to corruption."

"This is all very stupid," agreed Ana Lucia Vieira Santos. "They neglected the cathedral and now want to ruin what is left with some horrendous monument to an architect's vanity."

"In contrast to the ambition of the Glaswegians for the replication of the School of Arts, I’m pleased to read that the French intend to take an approach which recognises the sempiternal qualities of architecture," argued Three Floating Orbs on the other hand.

Frank also felt positively: "I trust the French to do this. They will eventually get it right and build something beautiful, rigorous and timeless – like they mostly always do."

This reader seemed happy so long as the end result doesn't mirror another building:

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Evian Renew

Water works: commenters aren't convinced that Evian's decision to trial a collapsible water dispenser made from recycled plastic, is anything other than a PR stunt.

"Since drinking water that has been shipped vast distances is environmentally speaking indefensible, this is effectively just a marketing campaign," argued a cynical Jander.

Wad agreed: "A water reseller who built its company on the copious use of plastic waste is now trying to play the role of environmentally-minded corporation by producing a designer product still made of plastic, for markets where packaged water is non-essential?"

"So this is disposable? asked Spadestick. "Those hard plastic blue tinted dispensers are reusable – a viable business industry was built around it. Not an improvement."

Charles Lambert concluded: "Good idea, if you've got a kitchen without a tap."

This reader's mind was elsewhere:

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Audi AI:ME electric autonomous car Auto Shanghai

Green machine: Audi has entertained readers with its concept for an "autonomous city car of the future", with real plants.

"Sorry I have to laugh a little," said Jasper Jones. "They really put ivy to the interior? Sure it helps with fumes a little, but it is a poisonous plant. Even skin contact is not recommended."

"There is no amount of ivy in a car's cabin that will negate the considerable environmental toll of its production, operation and after-life. This is advertising hypocrisy," added Dean.

Rodrigo Galvan-Duque continued: "What's the tally on "extension of a living space" concepts now? Seriously there isn't anything new here, not even the plants."

"The VW New Beetle included a cute little vase decades ago," agreed Mr J.

This commenter was more concerned with the car's rear "e-tron" badge:

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