Redacted US Flag by Tucker Viemeister

Tucker Viemeister's blacked-out US Flag criticises redacted Mueller Report

American industrial designer Tucker Viemeister has created a graphic that shows the US flag with portions blocked out, to critique the redacted release of the investigation into president Donald Trump's collusion with Russia.

New York-based Viemeister posted the Redacted US Flag to social media on 20 April, two days after the redacted Mueller Report was released to the public.

Thick lines cover parts of the flag's 13 red stripes to mimic the way that words, phrases and paragraphs are blacked out in the 448-page document, which details special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian influence on the 2016 US presidential campaign.

"This version of our once-proud nation's flag did a good job of summarising the State of Our Union in the wake of the recently 'released' Mueller Report," Viemeister told Dezeen. "Can the Redacted States of America lead the free world?"

"People can figure out what they are missing"

Mueller and a team of investigators conducted the inquiry for 22 months. The investigation looked into whether Russia meddled in the election, if Trump illegally colluded with the country, and whether there were obstructions of justice.

Officially known as the Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election, the full version of the report was submitted to Attorney General William Barr on 20 March. The findings included a number of instances of contact between Trump's presidential campaign and Russia, but insufficient evidence to confirm illegal collusion.

Portions were removed in the redacted, public version to prevent harm to ongoing matter and personal privacy, or areas related to investigative technique and grand jury material, according to reports.

"Luckily my design shows enough of the flag, and, as with many redactions, people can figure out what they are missing," Viemeister added. "America stands for freedom – because that's what people need to find the truth!"

Designer has "super power" to change behaviour

Viemeister, 70, is regarded as one of America's leading industrial designers. The OXO Good Grips range of kitchen utensils are among his best-known projects.

The Redacted US Flag graphic is among a number that the designer has created to criticise the Trump administration.

"As a designer I love playing with symbolism, whether manifest as little rubber fins on a GoodGrips peeler or with powerful political icons," Viemeister said.

Prior to the billionaire becoming the Republican party's official presidential nominee, Viemeister posted a swasitika-style symbol on Twitter along with the words "I hope they [Trump's supporters] don't like it!". He later created another Nazi-style logo to unite those resisting against the Trump administration.

"It is the role of the designer not just to make the world more beautiful – but to critique the one we live in," the designer continued. "The designer's super power is making real things – objects and symbols that change behaviour, hopefully for the good."

A number of other designers and artists have produced works that offer critiques of POTUS. Mike Mitchell created a symbol of protest against Trump based on anti-Nati symbolism, while Sam Morrison designed flip flops featuring Trump's contradictory tweets on each foot.