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360-degree video shows creation of Assemble's Granby Winter Garden

This 360-degree movie documents the three-year process of creating Assemble's Granby Winter Garden from two derelict houses in Liverpool, UK. 

Created by London collective Assemble with producer Popla Media and director David Betteridge, the video explores the garden and the Granby neighbourhood throughout the course of the project.

The 360-degree footage is teamed with the audio of local people discussing the realisation of Granby Winter Garden, drawn from interviews that the team conducted over the three years.

"One of our aims when making this film was to convey the aspirations of the residents themselves and make them the focus of the experience," explained Popla Media's Rob Vincent.

"The narrative for the film is therefore delivered, owned and driven by the residents who touch on their feelings about the past and, more importantly, voice their hopes for the future."

Still from Granby Winter Garden's 360-degree film
The film shows the creation of the secret garden

Spanning the two dilapidated structures in a Victorian terrace, Granby Winter Garden is a communal seasonal garden, events space and artist residence in central Liverpool.

It forms part of Assemble's Turner Prize-winning regeneration project with Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust (CLT), which aims to transform Granby into an architecturally richcreative quarter, following year's of economic deprivation.

Still from Granby Winter Garden's 360-degree film
The film shows footage of the neighbourhood accompanied by commentary from locals

The film begins with footage of the neighbourhood, as the narrative addresses the history of the site and project.

As it continues, the film focuses on Assemble's intervention, and viewers are invited to explore the dilapidated houses before their transformation.

The renovated space is then revealed, documenting key moments including the moment the trees are brought in, and a gardening workshop taking place a few months later.

Still from Granby Winter Garden's 360-degree film
Assemble's Granby Winter Garden is now open to the public

"In a world where everything is transactional, where so much is being sold off and where very few social spaces are being built, the people of Granby and Assemble have created a public space where people can meet and talk and build a community," added Vincent.

"We hope that, when experiencing this film, the user will feel as if they are actually in Granby, in the midst of something extraordinary while hearing the innermost thoughts of the people who live there."

Assemble is a multi-disciplinary collective founded in 2010, which works across architecture, design and art. Other projects by the studio include a pop-up theatre made of wood, an art centre in south London, and a workplace building clad in colourful concrete tiles.