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Careers guide: Kelvin Ho of Akin Atelier

Careers guide: Kelvin Ho of Akin Atelier reveals how he started his own design firm

Kelvin Ho designs interior concepts for boutique hospitality clients and high-end fashion retailers at Akin Atelier. The architect tells the Dezeen Jobs careers guide how he accumulated experience needed to found his own studio.

Completing his first internship at the studio of architect Lorenzo Natale, Ho came to appreciate the traditional and fundamental values of architectural design. He spent the following years developing his skillset at small studios.

"The architects I worked for were great role models and mentors that helped inform my relationship and philosophy to architecture and design," he explained.

Ho cites his early working experiences as setting the trajectory for the rest of his career. He believes that young designers should thoroughly research the places they want to work before they apply for jobs.

"I really believe that your first work experiences in architecture can really shape and set the trajectory of your career," said Ho.

"It's worth holding out for the dream studio and doing everything you can to get an opportunity to work there."

Ho now leads a team of 15 at studio Akin Atelier, including architects, interior designers, design strategists and communications specialists. The practice designs luxury interior concepts for clients in the fashion, hospitality and cultural sectors.

Having stamina and an openness to learn are the vital qualities Akin Atelier look for in prospective employees said Ho.

"Surround yourself with a supportive network of people – professionally and personally," he revealed, "everything we do and everyone we work with shapes our ability as designers."

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