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Fredrik Tjærandsen rubber bubble clothing

CSM graduate Fredrik Tjærandsen envelops models in rubber balloons

Central Saint Martins fashion student Fredrik Tjærandsen has presented giant balloons that deflate to form dresses on the catwalk.

Models walking the runway at the CSM graduate fashion show yesterday wore huge inflated rubber spheres that formed bubbles around their bodies and heads.

Fredrik Tjærandsen rubber bubble clothing

Another model wore a black rubber outfit with two giant inflated banana-shaped sleeves that skimmed the crowd as he walked the runway.

A number of the colourful balloons were self-deflated from within during the show, transforming into bulbous dresses and skirts. A simple valve allows the wearer to release the air pressure and dive out of the top of the balloon when they choose.


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The balloon dresses were the closing collection of CSM's Fashion Design Womenswear BA graduate show for 2019.

The catwalk presentation, in which 43 students showed their final pieces, took place at the college in London's Kings Cross on Thursday 30 May.

Fredrik Tjærandsen rubber bubble clothing

Norwegian designer Tjærandsen's collection comprised eight looks in total, each featuring a balloon element.

All the outfits were made from rubber. The designer told Love magazine that he sourced the rubber for the collection from Sri Lankan suppliers that support and buy from local growers.

Fredrik Tjærandsen rubber bubble clothing

The first look was a yellow balloon that morphed into a shift dress with an inflated skirt. This was followed by sea green, purple and red balloon outfits, and a skintight blue rubber leotard with inflated blue armbands.

The purple balloon also deflated to form a tight-fitting skirt, revealing a rubber crop top beneath in the same shade.

Fredrik Tjærandsen rubber bubble clothing

While the blue armbands took about 10 minutes to inflate before the show, the largest of the bubbles can take up to an hour.

The final three looks were an orange balloon, this time in a slightly darker shade, the black outfit with banana-shaped sleeves and a final pale lilac balloon that closed the show.

The models' entire bodies were initially enveloped in the balloons with only their shins and feet visible below. Some were strapped with bands of rubber, whilst others wore tight-fitting rubber leggings in colours to match their balloon.

Fredrik Tjærandsen rubber bubble clothing

Whilst completing his studies, Tjærandsen has worked as a design assistant at major fashion houses including Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga.

He was the recipient of the L'Oreal Professional Young Talent Award for the collection.

Fredrik Tjærandsen rubber bubble clothing

Other standout graduate fashion collections from 2019 include one by Jingle Yu from Parsons School of Design, which comprises a funeral wear for the deceased.