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"Can we put sharks in it?"

In this week's comments update, readers are pondering the possibility of adding a pool bar, water slide and sharks to an infinity pool on top of a skyscraper.

Infinity and beyond: a concept for an infinity pool atop a London skyscraper and accessed via a submarine-style door has baffled readers.

"This seems to be somewhat less than fully considered," said Heywood Floyd.

"I'm all for idiotic ideas, but no poolside cocktails is a deal-breaker for me," replied Jb.

Sam shared similar concerns: "One of the best things about a pool is lying beside it in the sun and taking a dip now and then to cool off which won't be possible here."

Peckish79 also had queries: "Where is the water slide accessorised with a parachute? Can we use salty water and put sharks in it? Have they finally made sharks with lasers on their heads? So many questions unanswered."

This commenter had a suggestion:

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Mac and cheese: Apple has unveiled the new Mac Pro, the brand's most powerful desktop computer to date, but commenters are preoccupied by its unusual appearance.

"I get goosebumps and feel extremely uncomfortable looking at the aluminium casing due to my Trypophobia. Please consider a less discriminating and offensive casing," pleaded Jordan.

"I thought I was looking at a cheese grater," added Logan Dumont.

Tan Choon Hong disagreed though: "Cheese grater? Wise crack. To me it's a beautiful expression of minimalism, the essence of design. I love it. Destined to win another design award for Apple."

"The design of the front grate is incredibly simple," agreed Michael Wigle. "Yet it almost doubles the airflow from the last aluminium tower Mac. I am really impressed the more I delve into the engineering details of this beast, cheese grater comparisons aside!"

One reader had a very important question:

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Community matters: Ben Campkin, co-author of a report charting the decline of LGBT+ venues across London, says the city's queer community needs architects and designers to help them create new social spaces, but not everyone feels the same.

"One would think that the reduction of more than 50 per cent of specific LGBT venues, would actually be the result of an overall notion of acceptance of people of diverse sexual orientation, in any social space," argued Ricardo Guedes.

This guest commenter disagreed: "Maybe you won't get chased out of the majority of bars in London for being gay but homophobic, transphobic and racist abuse still happens."

"Maybe queer people need queer spaces to give a respite from having to politicise their desire all the time?" said Jamie. "To simply relax and hold hands without being jeered at."

Sebastian had a suggestion: "The last lesbian space left in Toronto (now an empty store front) had a great rule for keeping the flavour of the space pure: you bring two girls for every guy – or you're not allowed in. Perfect."

This reader wants everyone to unite:

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Eight Inc proposal for Notre-Dame roof in structural glass

Let it go: the studio behind the Apple Store concept, Eight Inc, has proposed reconstructing Notre-Dame's roof and spire using structural glass – much to the amusement of commenters.

"Someone's watched Frozen a few too many times," sniggered Jon.

Montse Ferres agreed: "Perfect for princess Elsa. We should probably let it go."

Rohtmuz raised other concerns: "An entirely glass structure will be difficult to keep clean, and difficult for the detail to be anywhere near as finessed as the renders suggest. This is not a good suggestion."

"All glass would be foolish," continued Chris Babbitt. "Just rebuild it exactly the way it was before the fire. Done. Enough with this pretentious over-the-top nonsense."

Birds, not glass, were on this reader's mind:

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