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"Another to join the long list of doomsdayers"

In this week's comments update, readers are debating Jack Self's statement that humans are "unlikely to survive this century" without radical changes to housing.

Crisis averted: designing a new housing model for the masses is the most urgent task facing architects today says Self, but not everyone feels the same.

"Just what we need," said Concerned citizen. "Another to join the long list of doomsdayers."

Perpendicular Bisector agreed: "A few years ago the most strident environmental leaders were going on about global warming. This too will pass. The adults in the room will continue to chip away at the problems of today without having to break into a sweat or a panic."

"The current mortgage systems are the single biggest housing problem outside of the third world in my appraisal," replied Sebastian. "People can afford housing – they just can't afford such condensed massive payments."

Christopher had a different suggestion: "Customisable offsite and flexible modular construction are the way forward for volume housing. This need not in any way rule architects out of the equation, but is perhaps a new design vocabulary to to be used and developed upon."

This commenter had a savvy idea:

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Pride not prejudice: we rounded up eight products that celebrate Pride Month including rainbow-printed Nikes and a multicoloured Ercol loveseat, sparking debate amongst commenters.

"I'll buy none of them because my sexuality isn't the only defining factor about me," said Roberto Sideris.

D351gndud3 added: "We stand brands ignoring the LGBTQ+ community for the remaining 11 months of the year. Maybe I'll wear my new Nike BETRUE t-shirt so I'm an easier target for assault."

"What's wrong with a designated date to celebrate something or someone?" asked Zea Newland. "I celebrate my friends' birthdays but still care about them every other day of the year."

Snessnyc agreed: "It's taking pride in who you are despite discrimination, hatred, violence, denial of basic civil and human rights, ignorance, apathy and above all internalized shame. If you can stand up to and rise above all of that, you have indeed achieved something that anyone should be proud of."

This reader couldn't understand all of the fuss:

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Vitra x Virgil Abloh

Back to the future: Virgil Abloh has adapted Jean Prouvé and the Eames' designs to create his vision of a home of the future, but readers are far from impressed with the results.

"Take a timeless design, add a tag and new hype color and you have something 'new'," said Yoem sarcastically.

"Giving us traffic cone realness," added D351gndud3.

Spadestick was also frustrated: "Please just stick to fashion. Point reductions for Vitra for supporting this... Herman Miller please take note."

"It's kind of depressing that so many designers still think that all the future we are heading for needs is a new colour palette," continued Aaron. "We are staring down global calamity on so many fronts, but the best that can be imagined is replacing wood with plastic?"

Abloh has something in common with a famous singer according to one reader:

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Enby gender-neutral sex toy by Wild Flower

Good vibrations? some commenters disagree with our decision to publish a story about a genderless sex toy designed by Wild Flower – a vibrator that's meant to suit a variety of bodies.

"So this is the end of the internet," said Volannt.

Thomas went further: "Dezeen staff is a bunch of sickos."

"Is this site predominantly architectural and design related or sex shop toys?" asked Gerrard Coetzz.

Christian A Prasch responded: "Dezeen touches everything that design touches. This concept relinquishes the value of the phallic, the norm, and applies a new touch. We could only hope that our creations might do the same."

This reader had a different query:

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