Francesca Molteni creates film to celebrate Italian ceramics

Dezeen promotion: Film director Francesca Molteni has created a movie for Ceramics of Italy that spotlights the story of Italian ceramics.

Created by Molteni with architectural historian Fulvio Irace, the short film artistically celebrates the character and versatility of Italian tile. The film features three Italian buildings that each demonstrate innovative and interesting ways that the locally-produced tiles can be used.

Dezeen promotions: Ceramics of Italy video
The Ceramics of Italy film showcases the character and versatility italian ceramics

The film begins following a seagull flying over the mediterranean, before focusing on three buildings that make extensive use of ceramics – Hotel Parco dei Principi by Gio Ponti, Dallara educational and exhibition complex by Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia and the Teatro dell'Opera by ABDR.

Each building's varied use of tiles demonstrates the "versatility of Italian ceramics" that have been used for hundreds of years by architects and designers to realise their individual visions.

Dezeen promotions: Ceramics of Italy video
It features three Italian ceramic tile-clad buildings from different eras

Interspersed between the architectural shots, viewers are also given glimpses of Italian countryside and mountainscapes, which Ceramics of Italy describes as "an enduring muse for Italian tile producers".

The juxtaposition of architecture and Italian landscape show that those using ceramics from the country "are taking a piece of Italy home with them".

Dezeen promotions: Ceramics of Italy video
There are also glimpses of the Italian countryside that offers inspiration to local tile producers

The film ends with the quote "Ahead of our Time" – a summation of Ceramics of Italy's belief that the country's ceramic industry has always been a step ahead. It will be used by all businesses under the Ceramics of Italy trademark – which is used by Italian manufacturers of ceramic tiles, sanitaryware and tableware.

"Italian ceramics bring generations of craftsmanship and creativity into conversation with the needs of modern day," said Cristina Faedi, promotional manager of Ceramics of Italy. "It represents equal parts beauty and state-of-the-art innovation."

"A pioneer that has been leading the industry in the arena of design, style, technological advanced performance, sustainability standards, and production methods, the companies represented by Ceramics of Italy are consistently ahead of their time and truly leading the world," Faedi continued.

Dezeen promotions: Ceramics of Italy video
It is designed for promotional use of all of businesses under the Ceramics of Italy trademark

Ceramics of Italy is a trademark reserved exclusively for Italian-made ceramic products. It came into effect at the beginning of 2009 to safeguard and promote Italian ceramic products manufactured at factories in Italy.

The movie is the second film for the Ceramics of Italy produced by Francesca Molteni, following he documentary film Timeless Tiles: The Italian Legacy from last year.

Find out more about Ceramics of Italy on its website.