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Tessera Nexus flooring carpet by Forbo

Modular Tessera Nexus carpet tiles designed for "less corporate" workplaces

Dezeen promotion: flooring design brand Forbo Flooring has created a range of carpet tiles that can be used to develop a more casual aesthetic in all different zones within an open-plan office.

Named Tessera Nexus, the collection has a variety of flooring options that can be installed throughout a modern office.

The brand developed the carpet tiles to respond to the evolving designs for the workplace, focusing on seamlessly connecting zones to encourage effective communication.

Tessera Nexus flooring carpet by Forbo

Forbo Flooring expects the range to be used by companies in all spaces within an office to create spaces where employees can concentrate and be creative.

"One of the biggest topics being discussed around workplace design is how to create spaces that encourage effective communication," said the brand.

"This also includes improving employee's concentration, privacy and creativity."

Tessera Nexus flooring carpet by Forbo

Forbo Flooring hopes that the collection will encourage collaborative working through connecting the "unique identities" of kitchens, meeting spaces and work stations.

The soft tiles can also be used to turn break areas into living room-like environments for employees to relax, in efforts to create more casual workplaces.

"The trend of de-formalising an office is now key to ensuring stress free environments," said Forbo Flooring.

Tessera Nexus flooring carpet by Forbo

Available in nine colourways, linear, geometric patterns are overlaid on a base colour. A contemporary sheen texture is created from additional metallic fibres, designed to promote a "softer, less corporate aesthetic".

Throughout  the collection simple colours have been chosen that compliment the subtly reflective textures of the tiles.

Tessera Nexus flooring carpet by Forbo

In spaces with light usage, like meeting rooms, the brand suggests using carpet tiling for a softer, comfortable  appearance. While its more durable vinyl or linoleum floor coverings, which can withstand heavy footfall, are suited for kitchens and corridors.

Ranging from colourways of classic neutral, sand-brown tones to darker teal or black hues, the Nexus tiles can be installed alongside the Tessera Layout and Allura Flex collections for a "fully integrated flooring system" across the office.

The tile uses metallic nylon fibres taken from the Reflect colour palette of Invista Antron Lumena carpets. Woven into the fabric, the fibres are integrated into the flooring to highlight how light can affect the interior.

Tessera Nexus flooring carpet by Forbo

The tiles can be applied in modular pieces to reduce installation times and allow flexibility as the use of spaces within offices evolve.

For more information about the Tessera Nexus collection, visit the Forbo Flooring website.

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Tessera Nexus flooring carpet by Forbo
Tessera Nexus flooring carpet by Forbo