Careers guide: Ingrid Moye of Zeller & Moye reveals what it's like to run a studio in Mexico City

Ingrid Moye is a director and co-founder of architecture studio Zeller & Moye. She explains what it's like to run an international firm in Mexico City, for the Dezeen Jobs careers guide.

As a director, Moye's role requires her to lead the design direction and business development at architecture studio Zeller & Moye's Mexico City office. The studio has another office in Berlin.

Managing a team of architects, Moye oversees each project the firm takes on from start to completion, alongside co-founder Christoph Zeller.

"At Zeller & Moye we carefully select the projects we endeavour, and we as directors are very involved in each one of them, so there is no such thing as a 'b project'," Moye explained.

"Our working ethos is based on context analysis, an experimental process for each project, and a high attention to detail and quality."

Moye met German architect Zeller in 2009, after practising as an architect at a number of international firms including SANAA and Herzog & de Meuron.

In 2013, they decided to form Zeller & Moye, applying their contrasting cultural styles and accumulated industry experience to complete projects for clients such as Nike and Design Week Mexico.

Running international operations from Mexico City, Moye explained, can be "a challenge", however she shares that her previous places of employment helped her to develop the required "communication, organisation, and leadership skills" to do so.

Moye said that she finds the native "craftsmanship and specialised handwork" of Mexico particularly exciting: "It allows an open approach to design and experimentation, not only during the early phases of the projects but also during construction."

Consistency, Moye believes is "one of the most important skills in architecture," paired with a resilient attitude towards uncompleted projects.

"Never give up," she said. "Through my years of experience in other practices, I learnt that even in large and renowned offices a large percentage, perhaps even the majority, of the projects do not get built due to factors that are unfortunately not in the hands of the architect."

"Design your own path. Instead of expecting that university will give you all the tools for your future practice, try to broaden your formation," she advised. "Always stay curious, and open to learn."

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