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Concrete Melt Chair by Bower Studios

Concrete Melt Chair by Bower Studios folds like a liquid

New York City's Bower Studios has created a chair with a pale concrete top that drapes over a metallic base to form folds on the floor.

The concrete's curvilinear shape is meant to look like it has melted, giving the piece the name Concrete Melt Chair.

Concrete Melt Chair by Bower Studios

Bower Studios created the design to give concrete a fluidity that isn't usually associated with the material. While appearing to be liquid, the material is set hard in place.

The concrete covers over a wooden base that Bower Studios created to form the melted, liquidy shape. The base is formed from strips of wood that the studio CNC-cut and then layered together.

Concrete Melt Chair by Bower Studios

"We used a CNC machine to cut thin strips of moisture-resistant MDF," studio co-owner Jeffrey Renz told Dezeen. "We then stacked these strips to create the form of the top."

"The concrete skin was applied by a manufacturing partner of ours, who is a local sculptor and specialist on various types of concrete applications," he added.

The concrete has a pale, off-white hue and textured surface that comes in contrast to the reflective chrome-plated brass. The metallic structure comprises three pieces that form the bases and a small back.

The chair is the Brooklyn studio's latest design that plays with trickery and illusions. It has also created a collection of trompe l'oeil mirrors that look like arcades, porthole windows and arched doorways.

Concrete Melt Chair by Bower Studios

One of these mirrors formed the centrepiece of the Brooklyn store that Bower Studios designed for shoe brand Gray Matters. An arched mirror alludes to a doorway and makes the space look much bigger than it actually is.

Bower Studios designed Concrete Melt Chair as a limited edition piece for design gallery The Future Perfect. There are just 20 available.

Concrete Melt Chair by Bower Studios

Founded by David Alhadeff, The Future Perfect showcases the work of a number of designers like Lindsey AdelmanDe La EspadaMichael Anastassiades and Bec Brittain.

Their works are presented in showrooms on the East and West Coast of America. They include the Casa Perfect showrooms that are located inside a townhouse in New York's West Village and a showroom in Los Angeles to pay homage to its 1970s aesthetic of the Beverly Hills house it inhabits.