Virtual Design Festival

Virtual Design Festival video message from lockdown

Send us a video message from lockdown for Virtual Design Festival and we'll publish the best ones

As part of Virtual Design Festival, we're calling on readers everywhere to send us short video clips with their messages to the world.

The best ones will be published on Dezeen as part of VDF, which starts on 15 April and runs until 30 June. This will include a special montage of video messages to launch the festival, which will be soundtracked by musician Beatie Wolfe (above).

If you want to contribute, please carefully follow the instructions below! Please note that video messages must not contain any commercial or promotional messages.

If you want to promote your work, we are offering an affordable product launchpad as part of the festival. We're also looking for sponsors and commercial partners to help us make a success of VDF. Drop us a line at [email protected] for more details.

Here's the brief for your video messages:

Please record a continuous clip with no breaks or edits of 45-60 second in length. Longer clips will be rejected.

Start with a greeting and say who you are and where you are.

Next, please explain how you are faring during the restrictions where you are, what you are doing, and giving a positive message to the world. This is your chance to be creative so feel free to do something entertaining!

Finally, please end with a signoff. This could be a simple "Goodbye" or "Cheers" or similar.

Important: please hold your phone or camera horizontally to record in landscape format and try to ensure your clip has good audio and lighting.

Avoid background noise and don't include anything to which you don't own rights; for example, don't record TV, radio or music tracks that are not yours to share.

Please look into the camera when you're recording the beginning and end bits, but you can also move around and pan the camera around your surroundings during the middle section if you like.

That's it! Please upload your clip to When uploading the clip, be sure to include your email address so we can contact you, as well as your name, the name of your company, your location and any other key details in the message field.

There's no deadline, but the sooner you send us your clip, the more likely it is that we will choose to feature it.

For more details about Virtual Design Festival, visit