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Eight egg-shaped buildings roundup
Yoon Space Design made mobile egg-shaped pods for a beach in South Korea

Eight egg-shaped buildings from around the world

Just in time for Easter, here are eight buildings shaped like eggs, including a golden sauna in Sweden, beach huts in South Korea and a micro home in Slovakia.

Albang, South Korea, by Yoon Space Design

Made of blocks of polystyrene cut into the shape of eggs, these beach huts are light enough to be moved from beach to beach.

Each hut designed by Yoon Space Design rests on a small podium. They each have a hatch door that leads into the cabin, which hare finished with linoleum floors and domed glass windows.

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Tij Observatory by RAU architects + RO&AD Architecten

Tij Bird Observatory, the Netherlands, by RAU Architects

In keeping with its purpose, the Tij Bird Observatory sits on the Scheelhoek Nature Reserve in the Netherlands.

It is shaped like a tern's egg, one of the birds that lives there, and is thatched with reeds from the marsh that surrounds it.

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Ecocapsule, Slovakia, by Nice Architects

Ecocapsule is a micro home shaped like an ovoid that can be transported by helicopter and dropped anywhere. Big enough for two people, it has solar panels and a wind turbine to facilitate off-grid living.

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Architects of Air creates Daedalum inflatable architecture maze

Daedalum, UK, by Architects of Air

Daedalum is an inflatable maze created out of 19 interconnected egg-shaped domes. Entered via an airlock, the maze is full of light and colour and sound, creating an immersive sensory experience as visitors explore the installation.

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BingDing Wood Kiln Factory, China, AZL Architects

The arching shape of the BingDing Wood Kiln Factory in Qiancheng village, China, is designed to echo the monumental egg-shaped kiln at its centre.

AZL Architects used concrete to cocoon the kiln, which is used to continue the traditional art of wood-fired porcelain.

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Seeds prison pods by Karl Lenton

Seeds, UK, by Karl Lenton

Seeds is a moveable therapy pod for use in prisons. Designer Karl Lenton created the pods out of glass-reinforced plastic to be quiet, private places in the middle of loud prisons.

The pods are made out of eight modules that can slot together in 30 minutes without needing screws, meaning it can be taken apart and moved to different prisons to provide mental health treatment for inmates.

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Solar Egg by Bigert & Bergström

Solar Egg, Sweden, Bigert & Bergström

Bigert & Bergström built a sauna inside a giant golden egg to help the residents of Kiruna feel better about having to relocate their entire town due to subsidence caused by mining.

Called Solar Egg, the sauna has room for eight occupants to gather inside, and doubles as an eye-catching monument.

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Second Home Hollywood, USA, by Selgas Cano

A canopy of yellow egg-shaped yellow roofs top pods filled with offices, a restaurant and a bookshop at Second Home Hollywood.

Built on an old parking lot, the tree-filled site provides co-working spaces for up to 250 companies.

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