Virtual Design Festival

Ventura Project: 9+1, craft-tech

Craft-tech celebrates traditional Japanese lacquer craft

Creative collective 9+1 celebrates the Japanese art of Urushi in its Craft-tech series, which it is presenting as part of the VDF x Ventura Projects collaboration.

Exhibitor: 9+1
Project title: Craft-tech

9+1 is a collective of artists, designers and engineers based in Japan. Its work focuses on reinventing traditional Japanese crafts to help them survive the modern world.

As part of VDF x Ventura Projects, the group is exhibiting Craft-tech – a range of installations and art pieces that utilise traditional materials and processes.

The series focuses specifically on the use of Urushi, otherwise known as Japanese lacquer. Urushi is the sap of the urushi or lacquer tree that is native to Japan and has been widely used there since 9000 BC to protect wooden products.

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