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MT Bench by Ritzwell at VDF products fair

MT Bench by Shinsaku Miyamoto for Ritzwell

Dezeen Showroom: woven leather straps form the seat of the MT Bench, which Japanese designer Shinsaku Miyamoto has created for Ritzwell.

MT Bench is designed by Miyamoto to defy trends and ensure longevity, taking its cues from the traditional crafts and philosophies of Japanese artisans.

The bench is available in two different sizes, each distinguished by a woven leather seat with a wooden frame made from walnut or oak.

This seat overhangs a slender base structure made from steel, which is available in seven colours to help the product complement a variety of interior spaces.

"The MT Bench offers an interweaving game and a combination of quality materials that represent the encounter between tradition and modernity," explained Ritzwell.

"The attention to detail, such as the pure lines and rounded edges of the surface, makes this structure a harmonising element in any environment."

Ritzwell is a Japanese furniture manufacturer founded in 1992. Its factory and main showroom are based in in Fukuoka, and it has two mono-brand showrooms in Tokyo and Osaka.

Shinsaku Miyamoto is the company's creative director. He is responsible for developing this year's collections, for which the focus is on marrying traditional Japanese crafts with contemporary design.

Product: MT Bench
Brand: Ritzwell
Designer: Shinsaku Miyamoto
Contact: [email protected]

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MT Bench by Ritzwell at VDF products fair
MT Bench by Ritzwell at VDF products fair
MT Bench by Ritzwell at VDF products fair