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DuoFresh by Geberit

DuoFresh odour extraction unit by Geberit

Dezeen Showroom: Swiss brand Geberit has designed an automatic odour extraction unit for bathrooms called DuoFresh, which is designed to be concealed behind a toilet's flush plate.

DuoFresh has been developed by Geberit to offer a more efficient alternative to air fresheners, and it works by extracting odours from within a toilet cistern and its flush pipes.

The air captured in this process is transferred to the DuoFresh module, concealed within a wall-mounted flush plate, where it is purified via a filter and returned the room.

"Whereas air fresheners only mask odours temporarily and open windows just let in the cold air, the Geberit DuoFresh module works without any undesired side effects," explained the Swiss manufacturer. "The odour extraction unit is beneficial in lots of senses."

DuoFresh is compatible with any of Geberit's Sigma cisterns and actuator plates. It can also be fitted with optional functions such as a motion sensor that automatically activates the filtering process when it detects a person entering a room.

Another feature is an LED light that sits behind the actuator plate to offer discreet lighting when using the bathroom at night.

Product: DuoFresh
Brand: Geberit
Contact address: [email protected]

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