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Blaziken trousers by Brandan Josh

Blaziken trousers by Brandan Josh

The Blaziken trousers by Vienna-based label Brandan Josh are named after a Pokémon and made from reclaimed fabric scraps.

Much like the animated Blaziken creature, the design features wide, flared legs and a fiery red colour palette.

These are constructed from an assemblage of found, second-hand clothes – an oatmeal-coloures cable-knit cardigan, grey sweatpants and a ribbed jumper.

Rather than combining them into a uniform whole, the individual elements are sewn together to create a kind of streetwear quilt that still suggests the former shape of its constituent parts.

According to founder Brandan De Silva, his philosophy is centred around wasting as little material as possible and transferring entire chunks of used clothing into contemporary fashion pieces.

De Silva is a self-taught designer, who created his very first pieces using nothing but kitchen towels and basic techniques imparted by his mother.

Since then, he has continued to eschew a traditional design career and training, choosing to showcase and sell his work through social media instead.

Brandan Josh is one of 15 designers being spotlighted at the Virtual Design Festival by –a platform championing designers who are born or based in Austria.

Design: Blaziken
Brand: Brandan Josh
Contact address: [email protected]
Instagram: @brandanjosh

VDF x is a non-profit organisation that promotes contemporary Austrian fashion design. Virtual Design Festival has teamed up with the organisation to present accessories and fashion designs by 15 designers who were born or are based in Austria and produce their products both sustainably and locally. Explore the other designs here.

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Blaziken trousers by Brandan Josh
Blaziken trousers by Brandan Josh