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Piper soda by RODA

Piper 103 outdoor sofa by RODA

Dezeen Showroom: The Piper 103 sofa by RODA is distinguished by a slender, metallic body that is dressed by woven "belts" of coloured fabric.

Made for outdoor use, Piper 103 is available with a durable structure in three colours named Metal Smoke, Metal Rust and Metal Milk, and woven fabric in eight different shades.

The piece forms part of RODA's vast Piper collection and is one of the three products being showcased at the VDF products fair by DDC, a New York showroom and curator of modern design.

Piper 103 is described by DDC as a "modular element" that can be teamed with a mix of other outdoor Piper seating to form various configurations.

"The comfort offered by the outdoor sofa system and padded belts are evident throughout the seating collection," it said.

"Featuring a wide range of matching options between different materials and structures, the Piper is a distinguished outdoor system shaping exterior spaces into a unique sanctuary."

Product: Piper
Designer: RODA
Contact address: [email protected]

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Piper soda by RODA
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Piper soda by RODA
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